Vows that will wow!
Vows that will wow!

Vows that will wow!

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Vows are the pinnacle of any wedding day, after all, everyone is there to see you seal the deal.

For many of you, the thought of writing or selecting your marriage vows will have you shaking in your boots, as you wonder where to even begin when it comes to getting your most personalised thoughts on paper.

Let’s face it, the pressure feels on to not only declare your love, but to have your guests engaged as well.

Take a deep breath, this need not be such a scary exercise.

Here are our top tips when it comes to vows that will wow.




Sometimes we just need a little inspiration, and don’t feel bad about that. Scope out some wedding vow samples, whether that is through our good old friend Google or a resource booklet perhaps given to you by your celebrant. By doing your research, you will begin to see what kind of vows work for you, and what kinds of vows don’t. There is no harm in taking elements of your research, coupled with thoughts of your own, and making the vows something unique (with some helpful ‘borrowed’ thoughts along the way!).


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Don’t be overwhelmed by all the lovey dovey words you are immersing yourself in through your research. When it comes to your wedding vows our number one piece of advice is to be yourself. If you wouldn’t typically declare your feelings to your darling through use of a Shakespearean sonnet, don’t pull out all the punches just because its your wedding day.



Writing (and delivering) wedding vows is not your usual everyday occurrence, so you shouldn’t have to feel you’re on your own on this one. It’s more than okay – and encouraged – that you ask for a helping hand along the way. Your celebrant will be a great source of guidance here, from providing inspiration, to offering suggested edits – you should definitely take them up on the offer. Alternatively, enlisting the assistance of a friend or relative who can keep the vows in the strictest of confidence but stand in as your sounding board, is another great option.



Sometimes, no matter how much you try and make it work, a personalised and privately written wedding vow is just not for you. That is okay! The traditional wedding vows are heartfelt, meaningful and romantic, and there is something special about embracing the words that have been used for centuries.


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When it comes to vows, there is no use trying to re-invent the wheel. Even when choosing to write from scratch, embracing existing structure will help guide you through the process. Once again, either searching online for some samples, or asking your celebrant, will allow you to select the best approach for you. If you can decide on a vague structure and length with your significant other, the rest will come from there.



Wedding ceremonies need not be a bore, but when legally declaring your commitment to the love of your life, be mindful of your choice of words! A light-hearted approach to vows is A-okay, but only if your partner is likely to appreciate the sentiment. Basically, now would not be the time to rattle off your dirty laundry in a great big list of  ‘here’s what not to do when marrying me’.

Be kind, and remember what you love about the person standing before you, and what you envisage for your future together.



As mentioned, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from outside sources, but the very best vows are a sweet combination of writing from the heart, but sounding like yourself. Take a moment to consider all the things you and your partner share, your dreams for your life ahead and how you will look to make those a reality. Staying true to yourself and the person you have fallen in love with is paramount.



Your wedding ceremony is such an important part of the big day, and to ensure it goes off without a hitch, check out our Ceremony Situation tips for planning like a pro here


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