Wedding mornings done differently with I do yoga
Wedding mornings done differently with I do yoga
Wedding mornings done differently with I do yoga

Wedding mornings done differently with I do yoga


Kick-starting your wedding day in the right head-space and surrounded by the right people, can make all the difference to your preparation, and to the events that follow.

Before reaching the pinnacle of your many months of planning, we have found the perfect way to keep those nerves at bay, ease into your preparation and enjoy some peaceful morning moments with your closest crew.

Wedding mornings with I do yoga see to it that you and your glorious gang are treated to an experience of mindfulness and calm in a relaxed group setting, before the fun of hair and makeup begin.

While this cool crew of yogis set up a special space, treat you to a healthy and nutritious breakfast (no bloating!) and work through a simple and effective flow, all that’s required of you is an open mind and happy heart.

We think you’ll adore this concept just as much as we do, so have a read and get in touch ASAP – this is the perfect lead in to your happily ever after.

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The concept of keeping a bride (and her leading ladies) calm on the morning of a wedding is so appealing, can you tell us about what you offer. 

We bring the yoga studio experience to wherever the bride is getting ready on her wedding morning and offer a calming, restorative yoga session and a delicious and nourishing breakfast spread for her and her crew to graze on during hair and make-up. Our mission is to make every bride feel calm, nourished and happy before she walks down the aisle.



Bride-chilla’s, we’re all about it! Whats the importance of a healthy headspace on the morning of your big day?

A healthy headspace is everything! While a wedding can be the best day of a person’s life, it can also be stressful, nerve-racking and overwhelming, and these feelings of anxiousness can sometimes dominate! Our gentle class uses pranayama (controlled breathing), asana (yoga postures) and meditation to relieve anxiety and to encourage relaxation in the mind.

The day of your own wedding flies by, and taking this special time in the morning gives a bride an opportunity to pause, be truly be present in the moment, and to reflect on and bask in the happiness of the day ahead (like the fact that her loved ones will be celebrating with her as she marries her person)!


Can you talk us through the benefits of yoga?

How long do we have? The benefits are endless! Mentally, yoga clears the mind, decreases anxiety, increases positive energy, releases endorphins and other happiness chemicals into the body and makes people feel rested, patient and focused.

Physically, yoga strengthens and stretches the body, reduces tension, and improves posture, alignment and circulation. These are such important benefits to feel on a wedding day, especially where heavy weddings dresses and sky-high heels are concerned! Our yoga is full of stretches, spine twists and foot massage so that the body feels healthy and strong for that beautiful walk down the aisle.



Is all necessary equipment provided?

It sure is! We bring the yoga studio to the bride.


So you’ll fuel our minds, and our tummies? Hooray! What is on offer for breaky and are some dietary requirements able to be accommodated?

We’ve been to so many weddings where the bridal party forgets to eat! We fill tummies with nourishing, non-bloating, energy-lasting and delicious food.

Our beautifully presented breakfast spread includes individual blackberry chia puddings topped with toasted granola clusters, berries and mint; tomato and asparagus frittata; zucchini loaf (gf) with avocado smash and all the trimmings; lemon cashew and coconut bliss balls; peanut butter and raw cacao bliss balls; juice and seasonal fruit. Croissants and cold meats (like smoked trout) can be added to the spread at additional cost.

We cater for all dietary requirements of course! We’re food lovers with our own set of dietary challenges so nothing is too difficult.



Wedding days can get busy, what time do you suggest the yoga should start in the morning?

Right before hair and make-up.


What about those novice yogi’s that aren’t so confident in their ability, do you need to be experienced to take part?

We can tailor the session to suit expert yogis, people who can’t touch their toes, and everyone in between. We’re not too serious, and our main goal is to make every single body feel great.



Do you offer your yoga services outside of the wedding day? Could we book you in for a hens party?

Of course! Yoga’s something a little different to a standard hen’s activity, and it’s a beautiful way to bond friends together. We can tailor the session to suit the desires of the group, from calming zen-like vibes or something a little more upbeat (like downward dog towards a glass of champagne).


Is this just for the ladies?

Not at all! Men love yoga too, and we love to help grooms and their groomsmen feel their zennest selves.



Fallen head-over-heels for this concept, just like we have? Of course you have! Reach out to the and know that you’ll spend your wedding day getting ready right – mind, body and spirit.  

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