Wedding trends with Bow Creative
Wedding trends with Bow Creative
Wedding trends with Bow Creative

Wedding trends with Bow Creative

Photo: Maegan Brown / Styling: Bow Creative


Weddings are back, baby! And we couldn’t be more pleased.

While the love and revelry that come with a wedding celebration will never go out of style, there are some special touches that elevate an event and who better to turn to when it comes to considering your wedding day look and detail, than stellar stylist and planner Kath of esteemed Melbourne business, Bow Creative.

As Kath shares with us, wedding trends are ever-changing and with her extensive event experience, she’s generously shared with us that there are some simple ways you can keep abreast of the latest and greatest, without blowing the budget or compromising your own style.

Settle in and see the hottest wedding trends for the coming seasons here. 




Pastel tones are in! And not just one tone, couples are mixing it up. Moving away from the blush pinks and muted tones we’ve seen in previous seasons, we are instead seeing an increased turn toward lilacs, baby blue and soft pink tones.


Photo: Emotions & Math Photography / Styling: Bow Creative



Don’t be afraid to play with shape when it comes to styling your day. Whether you’re looking at tablescapes or decor (use of candles in various shapes is definitely having a moment) to dot throughout your day, shape and form plays an important role in combining to set the scene. 

Round or oval, tall and cylindrical or short and stacked, have fun with shape and elevate your wedding day look. 



I encourage my couples to keep things simple. Knowing what you want to hero, (think florals, installations, food, decor) and keeping your vision clear, doing away with the busy-ness, keeps it simple in your own mind along the wedding planning process. Naturally when it comes to the aspects of your day you are going to hero or make a focal point, do it well!


Photo: Maegan Brown / Styling: Bow Creative



The ceremony aspect of a wedding is so incredibly special. After all, that’s where the magic happens and the tone for the celebrations to follow really is set. 

What we’re seeing is a lot more couples opting to pair it back for their ceremony with smaller or in some cases, no wedding parties. We’ve also noticed a shift toward these couples opting to get ready together and arrive at their ceremony side by side.



Gowns – gowns in general have taken a turn to being much more formal than they have been in previous years. Think ball gowns, full skirts, intricate beading and detail and full-scale veils to really make a statement.

Suits – once again the look tends to be more formal, but those wearing suits are certainly being more adventurous in their style. Whether it be the subtle addition of colour or fabrics (think a satin lapel or velvet suit jacket), or accessories, the guys are definitely stepping up their style too. 

Wedding party – mismatched outfits for bridesmaids still seems to be a winner, allowing a wedding party to choose their style of outfit while matching a specific colour palette, or mixing up colour palettes with varying textures to ensure cohesion.


Photo: Ryal Sormaz



Florals en masse for everything! They translate into your colour palette and they’re moving into a more colourful palette at the moment with a strong focus on texture.  Look local for sustainability-driven decisions and foraging and consider ideas beyond standard floral styling – talk to florists and leave design in their trusted hands. We are noticing too a distinct turn away from the use of roses and orchards in comparison to previous seasons. 


Photo: Maegan Brown / Styling: Bow Creative



The general consensus is no one does cake unless they love dessert, head tables are now a choice, not a must. Couples are opting to walk down the aisle together, choosing to do away with being ‘given away’, electing to have no wedding party or a first dance.  

Don’t feel chained to tradition, when it comes to your wedding day, go your own way. 



While COVID and restrictions allowed intimate weddings to have their moment. Many couples are now looking to plan weddings with a large number of guests. This may have something to do with being restricted in seeing our loved ones in social settings for two years, so to have them all in one room, to share in such a pivotal life moment is something many couples are opting for. 



While black-tie tends to direct what will be worn outfit-wise on a wedding day – think floor length gowns and tuxedos, black tie can also extend into decor and styling. Think elegant and timeless with a colour scheme of black and white, infused with metallics, fabulous florals, greenery and candlelight. 


Photo: Katie Harmsworth



Couples and suppliers are becoming more conscious of sustainable practices throughout a wedding celebration. Many florists are seeing floral use as parts of a whole, and are helping couples repurpose their florals from ceremony through to reception. 

For those keen on minimisng paper use, they’re having stationers help them create elegant e-invites, or using recycled paper that is earth-friendly. 

Another step in the right direction on the sustainability front is sourcing local floristry options – opting for varieties such as roses and orchards can often see flight and shipping costs, not to mention an additional carbon footprint. Further to this, preserving florals in unique ways is absolutely in vogue – pressed flower scarves, resin bouquets and other creative options to be used as keepsakes or sentimental gifts.

When it comes to signage – consider artwork from acrylic retailers or options that can be used after the day as done – special wedding day home decor, anyone?


Photo: Analog Modern / Styling: Bow Creative



Combining a band with a DJ allows the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding entertainment. Live music sets an incredible atmosphere, and then allowing the DJ to take over and set the dancefloor on fire is always a huge hit. Couples are also loving singers that take to the dancefloor with guests and get in on the action. 



Plated meals are back, bringing a more formal feel to reception celebrations and also allowing tablescapes to shine. We also suggest you think about roaming as much as you can, particularly after mains are serve. Get the crowd moving with roaming desserts and espresso martinis to get the party started and your guests hyped!



Kath of Bow Creative has her finger on the pulse when it comes to all things wedding – from trends, styling and being your wedding planning BFF, we highly suggest you get to know her and add her to your own wedding day A-Team – you won’t regret it!


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