Wedding veils – what’s hot in headpieces
Wedding veils – what’s hot in headpieces
Wedding veils – what’s hot in headpieces
Wedding veils – what’s hot in headpieces

Wedding veils – what’s hot in headpieces


You’ve found the dress, and now you’re looking for those finishing touches, which may just happen to include a wedding veil.

Veils can be the perfect way to pull your wedding look together, complementing your gown and accentuating aspects of your look to take it to the next level. There is something extremely special about the moment you don a veil – it can take you from wearing an incredible gown to looking and feeling like a bride.

When it comes to choosing the perfect veil piece, there are some things to consider – length, fabric, style, embellishments – all will speak to your personality and contribute to your wedding day look.


Veil: LCI Designs Bridal Photo: Ryal Sormaz


When it comes to incredible bridal accessories, LOLAKNIGHT are at the forefront and the brands’ Emma Buckle was keen to share what she’s found to be trending at the moment. She expressed, “modern brides have shifted towards minimalist elegance” with most opting for cathedral length or single-tier veils. “It’s been nice to witness brides mixing it up with different hairstyles, with many going for an effortless and natural low bun while others have opted for a long slicked-back ponytail. Both gorgeous hairstyles certainly complement a beautiful soft tulle veil.”

Daphne Newman, the doyennes, when it comes to wedding veils shared that lately it has been all about the drama. “The longer the better in most cases,” says brand Director Raquelle. “Brides are choosing to go all out with embellishment (think pearls and traditional lace) or they are keeping it classic with clean silk tulle, but not holding back on the length or width”. Either way this talented team condone brides to just “go for it” as you only get to wear a veil once, after all.


Here are some things to consider when it comes to selecting your wedding veil;


Veil by Lola Knight



Once you have your wedding dress under control, it’s important to try on a number of veils to see what suits your look best. Your look can change dramatically with the addition of a veil, so it’s important to take it all in. Don’t be afraid to try something that is not your usual style or to try different textures, trims and embellishments where available. But also consider your individual style. For instance, a bird cage veil on a Bohemian-style bride, won’t necessarily gel.



Selecting your veil will be largely driven by your choice in gown. Some things to consider – you don’t want your veil to interrupt the flow of your look. If your gown is embellished to the nines, perhaps a soft, simple tulle veil will suffice. If the focal point of your dress is a dramatic, open back – consider how a veil might play into this and perhaps opt for a super-sheer veil with just a single layer to let those gorgeous details shine through.

Most importantly – have your designer or seamstress involved in the decision-making process here. As your gown evolves through fittings and alterations, so too may your veil and its length. Start with an idea, but be prepared to evolve.


Headband/Veil by Jane Taylor London, Photo by Lucie Weddings



Consider your hairstyle when it comes to making a decision on your veil. If you’re going for a for a chic low bun, compared to soft, all-out waves, this may change how you best place the veil. If you’ve decided on an up-do, you may want to pin the veil underneath, letting your sleek bun or ponytail do the talking.



Your hairstyle will effect how your veil sits and where the end of your veil will fall.

For instance, if you’ve decided to wear your hair in a bun, the veil may appear slightly shorter. To ensure you factor this in, ask someone to measure your height to get an idea of how long your veil will need to be. Keep in mind that veils are usually placed in with a hair comb, so measure from the point where the comb will sit (factoring in your hairstyle) and where the veil best falls.


Veil: Coral Confortti Photo: Merve Togan team



When considering veil length – size does matter. There are so many options, and your choice will depend on many of the factors above:

Bird cage veils (short and sweet – just covering the eye area, skimming the nose or reaching just to the jawline), play really well to a flirty and fun bridal look, suit a short gown perfectly. Often crafted of a delicate and lightly embellished netting, a bird cage veil is typically fitting of an overall vintage look.

Next up, elbow and fingertip veils give some additional length and will complement most gown styles without overwhelming the bride – particularly if petite in size.

A ballet or waltz veil often lands between the knee and the ankle area, and can work well for those who love a longer style but not necessarily the risk of tripping over a mass of fabric.

Chapel-style veils fall just beyond the hem of a gown to create a romantic and elegant look.

The longest and most dramatic of the veil entourage is the cathedral veil – the ultimate showstopper for those looking to make an entrance.


Veil: Luci Di Bella Photo: Katie Harmsworth



Colour also plays a role when choosing your veil vibe. While it doesn’t need to match the colour of your gown, you want to ensure its an appropriate or at least complementary hue. Popular shades include white, diamond white, ivory and cream, or shades with a hint of pink, beige or gold are also a lovely choice. If your dress designer or boutique has veils, be sure to factor in the colour of your veil against your dress. Alternatively, if you’re ordering your veil, perhaps order veil swatches for a suitable colour match. Keep in mind that shimmer veiling offers a little bit of shine that will be evident when you’re under lighting, whereas regular veiling gives a matte look in appearance.


Veil: Paolo Sebastian Photo: Katie Harmsworth


The one-percenters that can take your day to the next level can bring so much emotion, we’re all about it. Click here for how to nail your on-the-day details with some special finishing touches. 




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