What’s trending in weddings
What’s trending in weddings
What’s trending in weddings
What’s trending in weddings

What’s trending in weddings

Photo: Smith & Archer


Wedding trends are constantly evolving, and couples are continuously seeking fresh and innovative ways to infuse their celebrations with personal touches and unique experiences.

From non-traditional wedding attire to more eco-conscious celebrations, creative entertainment options and so much more, the world of weddings is a canvas for creativity and individuality.

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or simply curious about what’s en vogue in the world of nuptials, let’s explore the latest trends we’re seeing on the wedding scene.



Hello sunshine

Get ready to bask in the warm glow of the color yellow, making its grand entrance in the world of weddings. From enchanting buttercup florals and decor to stunning bridesmaid gowns, this vibrant hue is stealing the spotlight. As the seasons change, we’re predicting that this trend will become a prominent feature in the wedding landscape in the coming months. Making it the perfect choice for couples looking to infuse their celebrations with a burst of sunshine.

Photo one: Elsa Campbell Photography Photo two: Katie Harmsworth


Pre-loved wedding gowns.

Brides are increasingly recognising the benefits of choosing a second-hand dress, allowing them to have beautiful and sustainable wedding attire while saving money and reducing waste and we hope this is a trend that doesn’t go away anytime soon. Pre-Loved by Karen Willis Holmes are leading the way with their full circle marketplace and we are here for it!

Photo: Kinship by Kristy Gown: Karen Willis Holmes


Wedding content creators.

What is a wedding content creator you ask? Wedding content creators are something we are seeing more and more at weddings and are the perfect match for modern couples who want to capture every social media-worthy moment of their special day. A wedding content creator specialises in capturing and editing photos and videos (using their own phone), primarily for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Masters of nailing the perfect angles, riding the waves of trending audio and transitions, they can send the content captured straight to a couple’s social media accounts in real-time, or  provide it for use soon after. It’s essential to clarify that a content creator isn’t a replacement for an experienced wedding photographer and/or videographer. You’ll definitely want them around to snap those picture-perfect shots and create the enduring, longer-format video you’ll cherish for years to come!


Silent discos.

Silent discos have gained popularity for their ability to provide a memorable and flexible entertainment experience while addressing noise concerns. They allow couples to curate the music, offer variety, and keep the party going without limitations. If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your wedding reception and ensure that everyone has a great time, consider including a silent disco as part of your entertainment options. Create your very own silent disco with the team at Silence is Golden.

Photos: Ashleigh Haase Photography for Silence is Golden


Wedding chats, your very own video guest book.

We first noticed Tommy Casha of Wedding Chats on social media and haven’t been able to look away since. Wedding Chats, in its most straightforward essence, is Tommy Casha, a friendly interviewer, who chats with your nearest and dearest at you wedding celebration before turning it into a video guest book you will absolutely love. From interviews with guests that will hit you in the feels with their emotion, to guests that will have you in stitches when being interviewed after a beverage or three, we can’t get enough of Wedding Chats and the incredible keepsake your video will become.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


Seated wedding parties at wedding ceremonies. 

One notable trend we’ve observed is the shift toward having wedding parties take a seat rather than standing up front with the couple during the ceremony. This contemporary approach offers several advantages, with one of the most significant being the enhanced experience for your wedding party. By having them seated, they enjoy an unobstructed view, enabling them to be fully immersed in the moment and witness it all. Should you opt for your wedding party to take seats during the ceremony, you can still include them in your processional, as we know how significant this moment is. Once you’re officially pronounced as a married couple, they can stand and reunite with you for the recessional, marking the joyful conclusion of the ceremony.


Photo: Anna Dewar


Hiring bridesmaids outfits.

Hiring bridesmaid outfits is often more budget-friendly than buying. It allows bridesmaids to wear high-quality, designer gowns at a fraction of the cost, which can be especially appealing for those on a tight budget. Outfit rental services come with so many benefits – cost savings, style versatility, convenience and allows your bridesmaids to not be tied to a dress they may never wear again. But best of all, it’s a more earth friendly option, helping to reduce clothing waste.


Photo: Liz Barnes


Colourful wedding party outfits.

Why limit yourself to just one shade on your wedding day when you can have them all?  Let your wedding party embrace the colours that reflect their unique personalities, and choose the outfits that make them feel their best! We’re absolutely smitten with the trend of wedding parties wearing a stunning array of colors while standing proudly by your side. Whether it’s bright and bold or soft and pastel, we’re here for it all.

Photo one: Miranda Stokkel Photo two: La Este Film



Your very own wedding personal assistant.

Ever thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to have your very own personal assistant while planning your wedding? Wedding planning can be full on, there’s so many moving parts and it’s easy to feel quickly overwhelmed or even forget those tiny but oh so important details. So when we go to know The Aisle Runner we immediately felt excited by this trending concept. The Aisle Runner is not a wedding planner in the traditional sense, but rather a wedding personal assistant service, filling the gaps where most wedding planning/coordinator packages won’t. Desperately need a pair of shoes picked up and delivered to your bridesmaid? Need to pick up your veil from the other side of town but don’t have time after work? Forgot to organise your place cards? This is where your very own wedding saviour steps in, The Aisle Runner is for those who have last minute errands that need to be run, making time and space so you can focus on what’s most important.



Audio guest books.

Audio guest books have become a trendy addition to the wedding scene. This innovative concept allows guests to leave heartfelt audio messages for the newlyweds, creating a lasting and deeply personal memento of the special day. Unlike traditional written guest books, audio guest books capture the emotions and voices of loved ones, preserving their warm wishes, laughter, and sentiments for the couple to keep. It’s a modern twist on a tradition that adds an extra layer of personalisation to the wedding experience. For one of our faves, check out Off The Hook.


Photo: Ashleigh Haase Photography


Non-white wedding gowns.

And finally, while not new, it is something we definitely love seeing. Non-white wedding dresses are making a bold and beautiful statement at weddings, challenging traditional norms and redefining bridal fashion. Brides are embracing a spectrum of hues, from soft pastels to bold jewel tones, and even striking black gowns. Non-white dresses bring an element of surprise and a touch of modernity to wedding ceremonies, making each bride’s entrance a striking and memorable moment.

Photo one: Georgia Verrells Photo two: Nikki McCrone



Like all things, trends will come and go, but we love seeing what is trending on the wedding scene. If you’ve seen something trending feel free to drop into our DM’s. And if you need more wedding planning tips, be sure to check out some further Ivory Inspiration when it comes to planning your dream day.


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