An inside look at Melbourne fashion icon Luci Di Bella
An inside look at Melbourne fashion icon Luci Di Bella
An inside look at Melbourne fashion icon Luci Di Bella

An inside look at Melbourne fashion icon Luci Di Bella


Melbourne-based design brand, Luci Di Bella is truly engrained in the bridal fashion circuit; long recognised for attention to detail and an effortlessly classic look.

From the moment we entered the warm and inviting High Street, Armadale boutique, we were filled with a sense of excitement and immediately got a taste of the sensory experience their brides must enjoy.

From the very first phone call, to every consultation that follows, Luci DiBella brides are supported, nurtured, and advised by Luci herself and the brand’s Co-Designer, Kaitlin.

We were more than a little impressed by Luci and Kaitlin, and their studio space, brand ethos and of course, their glorious range of gowns.

Here’s a little lift of the veil over Luci Di Bella and their 2020 collection.



From meeting Luci and Kaitlin, we can feel the comfortable familiarity in their working relationship. The pair have been side by side for three years now, with an aligned aesthetic vision, focus and aim for cultivating an authentic bridal experience. It is evident that brides are drawn to Luci Di Bella for their inherent knowledge, commitment and personable honesty.

The latest work seen from the team truly celebrates a new shift to modern aestheticism and pro-individuality. Ultimately, they hope the 2020 collection will propose new bridal ideas and resonate with everyone differently. It is doing just that.

In fact, when we uncover what the Luci Di Bella brand is all about, Luci and Kaitlin agree, regardless of anything – they are strict on impeccably-produced garments and  how a bride feels in their dress.

“While designing, we simultaneously look at fabrics that inspire us, European trends, and the future of venue choices most prominent with our clients,” Kaitlin shares, adding that their newly-launched 2020 collection has seen an exciting exploration of new design features and luxury fabrics.



“Over the past few years, we have considered this new movement of intimate ceremonies with larger emphasis put towards the reception parties and unconventional bridal aesthetics. Evermore, clients are finding it liberating to remove the long train and turn to attitudinal textures or refined minimalism that feels luxurious; which we are all about it,” she adds.



“With guidance and professional advice, the brides are in no way limited by their choice of fabrics or combination alternatives. Alternatively, gowns can be ordered from the showroom for the brides who love our designs as they are. Either direction, all gowns created are made-to-measure in-house,” Luci explains.



But more than just the inner-workings of the gown and fabric selections, collaborating with Luci and Kaitlin brings with it a sense of trust and support.

As a bride to be, you might not know your ‘style’. You may have given little thought to what you ‘like’ when it comes to a wedding gown, nor have any idea about fabrics. What you do know however, is that you have a real sense of self. Who you are, What you enjoy and are passionate about, Where you would like to get married and how you wish to celebrate your relationship; what makes you, you. All of this paves the way for your design experience at Luci DiBella. We adore the sentiment in a statement that Luci firmly believes to be true: your personality will choose your cloth.

With all of this in mind, Luci and Kaitlin oversee and guide the process – often starting 6-10 months out from the wedding day itself.

It is truly a private and nurturing Made-to-Measure experience that sees brides walk away emotionally confident and inspired.

It is so clear that pushing creative boundaries, truly acknowledging the identity of their brides, and the seamless experience they provide – The Luci DiBella journey is one you want to be apart of.



Luci Di Bella’s latest collection has just been released, and true to form – it is glorious. Get in touch with the Luci Di Bella Team and start your bridal gown journey by clicking here.





Photography: Liane Hurvitz Photography

Make-up: Mae Taylor

Jewellery: Stephanie Brown

Footwear: Dolci Firma and Milano 




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