Destination Wedding – Emilie & Alexander, Mallorca Spain
Destination Wedding – Emilie & Alexander, Mallorca Spain
Destination Wedding – Emilie & Alexander, Mallorca Spain
Destination Wedding – Emilie & Alexander, Mallorca Spain

Destination Wedding – Emilie & Alexander, Mallorca Spain


Magical Mallorca in Spain was the incredible destination for Emilie and Alexander to seal the deal with family and friends.

This perfect pair opted to switch things up a little for their celebration and spoiled their guests with a late and luxurious lunchtime affair. They found that this allowed them to really appreciate the incredible food and wine they had sourced and they could get into the dancing straight after, rather than drawing the day out.

Their celebration was inspired by a movie scene and they simply wanted to create a vibe that everyone could relax and enjoy and would be a true reflection of them as a couple.

Lilli of I’ve Got You Babe was the lucky lady to shoot this stunning celebration, get scrolling to see it unfold.



The meeting.

We met during our studies, we we’re both on the same student society. So every week we would be drinking together which after a few years led to us being together and never letting go again! 


The ‘one’.

Since the moment we first got in real contact through SMS and Blackberry chat (yes, it was that long ago) it felt so natural from both sides. Not playing any games, just letting the love flow naturally. And ever since it has been great and still feeling those early days vibes.


The proposal.

We were on a three month trip together in Japan. First Alexander asked Emilie’s father in a staged plan in a hotel in Tokyo then a few weeks later Alexander asked Emilie on a mountain top during a hike.


Style inspiration.

We used the photographs of Slim Aarons as an inspiration for our wedding. The evening was inspired by the movie scene at the Mansion of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


The look.

Emilie’s dress was made by Australian designer and had a lace dress for a bohemian feel. Alexander went shopping at Suitsupply one week before. During the evening, Alexander wore a white smoking jacket with black trousers.


Favourite moments.

It’s very hard to determine one specific favourite aspect of the day since the whole day feels as one moment in general. Obviously the ceremony is very special and moving but also the jokes made by your friends and family you won’t easily forget. And then the party….. I wish we could remember. Luckily we had some photos and videos! 


Meaning of marriage.

For us it has a symbolic meaning of moving forward together as one. We have been doing this for 10 years now, but that official meaning makes it extra special.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Song for Eli by Andrea Bauer (Live performance)

Entry: Best Friend by Sophie Tucker

First dance: Hero by Family of the Year


Funny stories (or near disasters).

Alexander’s shirt got stained on the day of the wedding whilst being ironed by his mother! Always bring a second shirt! 


Planning surprises.

We are both not real planners, so we wrote the vows a bit too late. Make sure you have everything printed and ready the evening before so you can enjoy every moment of that special day. Also the morning is a lot of fun!


Words of wisdom.

There is one tip which I really want to highlight. Consider a late lunch instead of a dinner. So basically you switch the reception and the dinner. People actually go to table when they are sober, and pay attention to the nice food and wines. It’s a much more natural way to start a day and it’s different to what people are used too. Make sure you do something nice to switch from the late lunch to the drinks/reception and then also from the drinks to the party to give energy vibes a boost. Also play music throughout the day – everywhere. No place or moment can be without music. Spotify also works.




A LOT of funny things happen behind the scenes of a wedding celebration, so we’ve compiled some of our favourites to give you a good giggle – read them all here and enjoy!



Ceremony and reception location: Osa Major, Mallorca

Celebrant/Officiant:  Marjolein Ebels

Photography: Lilli Waters

Videography: Maru Films

Styling: Emilie + Brenda

Hair and make-up: Cecile & Roos

The Dress: Riley Boho by Made with Love Bridal via Wild at Heart Bridal Boutique

Shoes: Dune

Rings: Gassan (Amsterdam)

Menswear: Suitsupply

Catering: NINA Fine Food

Bar: Osa Major

Stationery / Signage: Goods Gang

Transport: Marinus & Paul

Décor: Osa Major

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