Your Dream Day Morning Survival Guide
Your Dream Day Morning Survival Guide

Your Dream Day Morning Survival Guide

Image: Chloe May


Sure, it seems straightforward. Put on the outfit, say the vows and dance up a storm.

However, a big day can often come with a big ball of emotions. After all that planning, it’s hard to know exactly how your day will pan out and this can add another layer of stress you had not quite anticipated.

Here’s a few easy morning checks you can make to ensure you are physically and emotionally looking after yourself – and your stress levels – before saying I do.



Get moving early and starting the morning off with some physical activity. Chances are you couldn’t get a wink of sleep last night, so bypassing a run and going slow is a good option. Grab the girls and head to a yoga class, or better yet, book your teacher to come to you for a private class so you don’t have to leave the house. Bonus points if you can sneak in a few extra minutes for meditation. We recommend the apps Calm or Smiling Mind – easily downloadable to your phone.



If there’s one day you’re going to need energy, it’s today. Not only will the right foods fuel your mind and body, they’ll also help you exude your gorgeous bridal glow from within. Think oats and berries for brekkie, and a salad with some protein for lunch. Consider ordering in a caterer ahead of time so it’s one less thing on your plate. While inevitably sipping champagne as you get ready, make sure you pair each glass with a big glass of water. Again, that’s only going to help that glow, girl.



Sure, they make extra cute Instagram pics, but there’s a very practical reason behind those gorgeous matching dressing gowns for you and your bridesmaids. You do not want anything or anyone near your gown before you absolutely need to have it on. Keep it pristine by hanging it  in your room until minutes before your walk down the aisle. And hey, snap a few more photos in your robes for Insta while you’re at it.


Image: Chloe May



Love or (kinda) loathe them, your family is likely to be circling you all day. A good thing to keep telling yourself is that they’re equally as excited about this day as you are. Instead of getting stressed, forward plan clever ways to keep them busy. Give them jobs like coordinating the hair and make-up artists, serving refreshments and checking in with the guys to make sure they’re OK.


Image: The White Tree



Be prepared for something to go wrong. This is an event of grand proportion with many parties involved. There has to be room for human error. But the best thing you can do is ride the wave and – for extra points – laugh it off. If there’s one thing we’ve learned when chatting to couples after their wedding days, it’s that they always have a good laugh about the things that went awry.



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