Real Elopement – Aaron & Nikita, Melbourne VIC
Real Elopement – Aaron & Nikita, Melbourne VIC
Real Elopement – Aaron & Nikita, Melbourne VIC
Real Elopement – Aaron & Nikita, Melbourne VIC

Real Elopement – Aaron & Nikita, Melbourne VIC


For Nikita and Aaron, a spontaneous duo with a laid-back love story, their wedding was all about the low-key, understated vibes. Focusing more on their marriage and creating something simple and true to themselves meant their elopement was an enchantingly effortless experience.

Shedding the pressure to be perfect, Nikita and Aaron relaxed into their ceremony in Melbourne CBD. Then, they enjoyed a sweet, revelry romp through the streetscapes, lost in their own little world, before breaking the news to friends and family.

There to capture every uplifting, unforced moment, Dee from Finder Seeker was the best companion for the occasion. Scroll on to see it all unfold through her talented lens.



The meeting.

We swiped right on Tinder in late January of 2021


The ‘one’.

There wasn’t a grand unveiling moment; it was more like a gradual realisation creeping up on us. We were both doing the relationship avoidance dance, but fate was persistent. Then, when cancer decided to gatecrash our lives, targeting our moms in tandem, we found solace and unwavering support in each other.


The proposal.

No grand gestures or down-on-one-knee moments. It was just a mutual decision, a simple “let’s do this.”


Planning process.

Being the spontaneous pair we are, our wedding buildup was pretty relaxed. We kept things low-key, only letting our two close allies in on the plan. I stumbled upon a photographer we both liked, (Dee from Finder Seeker) and as for my dress? Well, let’s just say online shopping came to the rescue. Finding Aaron’s tuxedo was probably the most stressful part of the whole equation. Grabbed some flowers from the market last minute, and sorted out the cake and lunch reservation a few days before. Just another day in our laid-back love story, no biggie.


Style inspiration.

Our focus was entirely on the marriage, not the wedding spectacle. We aimed for simplicity, avoiding any unnecessary commotion and staying true to ourselves. We were heavily inspired by real elopement weddings, which were extremely difficult to find.


The ceremony.

Our ceremony was delightfully casual, no extravagant flourishes, just us being us, and it felt absolutely right.


The outfits.

My best friend knew my struggle in finding a dress that was ticking all of my boxes and she stumbled across my dress online and I loved it at first sight. Aaron did a whole lot of shopping, we didn’t realise there were so may different types of tuxedos, tuxedo shirts, buttons and everything. We chose an extremely timeless style that suits him perfectly.


Favourite moment.

When we officially became a family.


Meaning of marriage.

Marriage involves sharing both victories and setbacks. It’s about consistently showing up and offering unconditional love.


Wedding soundtrack.

We didn’t bother with a walking- down-the-aisle song because, honestly, nobody actually walked down the aisle and the thought of staring at a Bluetooth speaker for three minutes straight just seemed like the most awkward thing to put everyone through.


Funny stories (or near disasters).

On the morning of our wedding, it dawned on me—I hadn’t trimmed my veil! So, there we were, using the tiles in our accommodation as a guide, trying to cut off the excess with craft scissors. Cute little DIY session to kick off our day.


Planning surprises.

The ease, because we put no pressure on ourselves for it to be perfect it was honestly such an enjoyable experience.


Words of wisdom.

Be true to yourself. Remember, it’s your day, and what truly matters is the marriage, not just the wedding.


Last words.

We had an absolutely amazing day, revelling in our own little world for a full 24 hours before sharing the news. Our two witnesses were absolutely amazing and let me tell you, our photographer, Dee, was a rock star.



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Ceremony venue: Victorian Marriage Registry, Melbourne

Reception venue: Thomas Hyde Room

Photography: Dee – Finder Seeker

Florist: local market

Hair: Me

Make-up: Arielle Wray Beauty 

The dress: Pilgrim

Veil: Etsy

Shoes: Billini

Rings: Hardy Brothers (Nikita) LeGassick (Aaron)

Suit & bow ties: MJ Bale

Cake / Cake topper: Cake Me Crazy

Transport: Uber

Honeymoon: We honeymooned prior to the wedding in Japan

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