Real Engagement – Christy & Troy, Dunsborough WA
Real Engagement – Christy & Troy, Dunsborough WA
Real Engagement – Christy & Troy, Dunsborough WA
Real Engagement – Christy & Troy, Dunsborough WA

Real Engagement – Christy & Troy, Dunsborough WA


Melbourne couple, Christy and Troy didn’t waste a New Years Eve opportunity when they embarked on an engagement shoot as the sun set in Dunsborough.

Christy happily admits that Troy had some beer courage but what resulted was a stunning shoot full of smiles and love with fabulous photographer Fern and Stone.

In Christy’s words…

The meeting.

Through a mutual friend, on the dance floor of a filthy nightclub in Melbourne. We hit some road blocks initially; shortly after meeting each other Troy went to travel for 3 months. When he returned I decided to move New York for six months. We made it work, and now here we are, 12 weeks out from getting married.


‘The one’.

When I saw how happy he always made the people around him. And that all my friends were completely smitten. I knew I wanted to get all up in that, forever.


The proposal.

100% Surprise! We planned a trip to Tasmania over the Queen’s birthday long weekend. I did all the organizing so naturally didn’t expect a thing. Long story short, middle of winter, Troy tried to get me out of bed and outside at 6am as the sun was rising (-3 degrees) and I wouldn’t budge. He had to pretend there was something in the ocean he wanted to show me and dragged me out to see WILL YOU MARRY ME written in the frost on the picnic table outside our cabin. It was the best moment ever, wobbly knees (he forgot to get down on his), a couple of tears and a dash of hypothermia. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (maybe to have changed out of my bathrobe).


Engagement shoot.

We knew it would be something our parents would love! You only get to have all of these experiences once, so why not.  Our gorgeous friend Jessie Bunn (Fern and Stone Photography) found the perfect spot in Western Australia, Dunsborough, where we were all staying together over New Years. It was the most beautiful little cove, we loved it so much we brought everyone back the next day!


Favourite moment of the shoot.

Seeing Troy in front of the camera, the boy was not shy! It was New Years Eve, literally, and the sun was setting as we were having the photos taken. Troy had been celebrating all afternoon with our friends (I was too nervous to drink) so needless to say his confidence outshone mine on the day. Jessie and I couldn’t stop laughing.


Wedding planning process.

So far so good. I’ve had a lot of help from friends and from Troy. Obviously some testing and stressful moments, but I enjoy planning things and I can’t wait to see it all come together on the day. One big party with all of our very best.


Meaning of marriage.

Happiness. Having the privilege of doing life with someone who helps make your world spin. We feel like the luckiest people on earth!


Planning surprises.

How expensive weddings can be! And how hard it is to cut a guest list down to less than 100 people.



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