Real Wedding – Brittany and Mat, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Brittany and Mat, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Brittany and Mat, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Brittany and Mat, Melbourne VIC

Real Wedding – Brittany and Mat, Melbourne VIC


Brittany and Mat wanted to start their wedding celebrations with a bang, so there was no other place to be wed than Melbourne’s Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo – the perfect space for them to declare their love.

Bringing an industrial and edgy vibe to their day, while they incorporated tradition in some aspects, they ensured they put their own spin on it.  What resulted was a day that screams fun and so many loved up feels all captured beautifully by talented photographer Sarah Godenzi.

In Brittany’s words…

The meeting.

We met in High School in 2005, I would follow Mat around the school yard with my friends. We all had the hots for him and I finally built up the courage to talk to him by adding him on MSN. We started talking and became good friends. Mat then asked me out on my 14th Birthday with a bag of lollipops and I of course said yes!

The one.

We have been together for over 10 years now and I was always in love with him from the start. I can’t pin point the moment I knew he was the one because almost every day I still have those moments. The little things he does to make me laugh and the fact that we are always thinking the same thing, really makes me feel we are meant for each other. I could not imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.

The proposal.

We were on a Holiday in America. We were in New York at the very top of the Empire State building late at night and we were looking at the amazing view.  I turned around to show Mat Times Square and he was on one knee.

Planning process.

At the beginning Mat and I had planned on eloping. We couldn’t find the right place that reflected us as a couple. Then we hit the jackpot with Anastasia from Eventa and from there on it was easy. She took on the role of bridezilla and we could focus on the more important things.

Style inspiration

We both agreed from the start we didn’t want a traditional wedding, we wanted it to represent us. We wanted something laid back but fun, more like a massive party than a wedding. I have always loved the industrial edgy style with a hint of boho so we tried to join them together. Once we found our venues, we knew no matter what we were going to have an amazing day. After all what could go wrong at the Church of Bang Bang Bboogaloo or the Budgie Smuggler bar?

The dress.

When it came to my dress I wanted something different. This became a big stress for me as I went into thirty odd stores and all the dresses looked the same. I found Kara Jade Designs online and fell in love with her work straight away. Together we designed my dress and picked the lace and she worked her magic and made me something no one else in the world has.

Favourite moment.

My favourite part of the day was at first my biggest fear. Walking down the aisle. I was never worried about getting married I was scared of walking down the aisle in front of everyone and seeing Mat standing there waiting for me. I had a mini melt down as I arrived at the chapel but my dad’s made me pull it together and it was honestly one of the most amazing moments of my life. As soon as I walked through the doors, nothing else mattered besides my husband standing there waiting for me.


We didn’t really keep many traditions in our day but the ones we did we made our own. I had both of my dad’s walk me down the aisle which is something I will never forget! And of course, we had our first dance where the tables were turned and I spun and dipped Mat.

Meaning of marriage.

Marriage isn’t just about commitment to us, we have been committed to each other for over 10 years. Marriage is a symbol of our love and dedication to each other and also makes us legally stuck together for the rest of our lives.

Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Recessional: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Reception entry: Young MC – Bust A Move

First Dance: Sleeping At Last – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Funny stories (or near disasters).

During our ceremony as we were saying our ‘I do’s’ our celebrant said my last name wrong and I was so nervous and focused on copying every word he said that I ended up saying my last name wrong as well. Sadly, that was my last moment as Brittany Nicola and I stuffed it up!

Planning surprises.

It can be very stressful if you let it be. If you are not coping get help. It may seem like a waste of money to some but honestly, we wouldn’t have had a real wedding let alone the one of our dreams without Anastasia.

Words of wisdom.

Do what you want! You have spent a lot of time, effort and money on YOUR big day! Don’t get caught up in spending your entire day trying to make everyone else happy by spending all of your time focusing on everyone else. Enjoy yourself and dance if you want to. My mum said this to Mat and I just before our big day and we are so glad we listened.



Brittany and Mat’s Tribe.

Ceremony venue: The Church Of Bang Bang Boogaloo

Reception venue: The Budgie Smuggler Bar

Celebrant: Paul Bonadio – A Stand-Up Celebrant

Photography: Sarah Godenzi Photography

Videography: Little Cinema

Styling: Eventa – Anastasia Razdiakonova

Florist: Make It Beautiful

Hair – family member

Make up – Make Up By Katarina

The Dress: Kara Jade Designs

Rings: Empress Diamonds

Grooms suit: Adriano de Rango Menswear

Grooms Shoes: Luxury Van

Bow ties / ties: Declic

Catering: The Budgie Smuggler Bar

Favors: Cookies by Desirable Cakes

Cake: Barbra Jolme (Grooms mother)

Honeymoon: USA, Flight Centre

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