Real Wedding – Greer & Sam, Springmount VIC
Real Wedding – Greer & Sam, Springmount VIC
Real Wedding – Greer & Sam, Springmount VIC
Real Wedding – Greer & Sam, Springmount VIC

Real Wedding – Greer & Sam, Springmount VIC

Greer and Sam vowed to take their wedding guests on a relaxed and romantic, fabulous food journey as part of their Springmount celebration, and they did just that.

Embracing the glorious gardens and sweeping views that their venue provided, Greer and Sam’s guests were treated to a spectacular affair from start to finish.

Sam and Greer were conscious of keeping the day as a celebration of them both, not just one or the other. So each decision and every detail was made with much care and thought, culminating in a beautiful reflection of their relationship.

With a talented team by their side, it wasn’t hard for White Shutter Photography to capture many magical moments, and we sure hope you love them!

In Greer’s words…


The meeting.

Sam and I met 13 years ago, in a bar on the dance floor – we love to dance together


The ‘one’.

I found a saying that stuck with me whilst planning our wedding and it rings true with me everyday.  ‘Don’t Marry the person you can live with.  Marry the person you cannot live without’

This sums up Sam and I – he is my person.

There was not a defining moment – however it hit us both after a trip to Europe – we knew that was it.


The proposal.

After a long time together, many romantic holidays later; Sam took me by surprise whilst on holidays in Ubud, Indonesia.  We were out for dinner; picture beautiful green mountains, flower petals on the floor, beautiful food and wine. I was filling out the ‘how did we do’ survey when Sam started to speak to me saying ‘you know how we have been together for a really long time and you know how I love you so much’ and all of a sudden he was there on one knee next to me and asked if I would marry him – I have never been so speechless in my life, here I was just crying.  Sam wanted it to be a surprise when it happened, and it certainly was.  We then started shouting with excitement – much to the other guest’s dismay at the Zen retreat we were staying at.  We rang our immediate family but kept our little secret off social media for a week and it was just the best feeling.


Planning process.

We firstly looked for a venue that gave us the opportunity to do what we envisioned.  We wanted a relaxed vibe and a venue that spoke to us and what we love.  We wanted to be able to move our guests around on a food journey. As soon as we drove through the gates of Aghadoe Estate we knew it was the one; every other venue we visited after that just didn’t have the same feeling.  Aghadoe was just stunning with its gorgeous gardens and beautiful views out the back with the barn – perfect for what we wanted. After finding our venue everything fell in place from there.  I locked in all the larger elements of the day early; catering, photography and entertainment … but the very first thing I booked was the Fairy Floss machine.


Style inspiration.

As a Visual Merchandiser I wanted to do so much for the wedding; yet someone said to me in the lead up “your wedding is a symbol of Sam’s and your love for each other”  and that is what  we went with – everything that WE loved to do as a couple and sharing this time with all the people we love in our lives.  Simple.

Sam suggested to bus everyone in and not tell the guests where the venue was; we basically told everyone where to stay nearby and where to catch the bus from…keeping it all a surprise.

We wanted the vibe at our wedding to be chillaxed and intimate with a big party vibe at the end.  Good food, good wine and music to dance to – so we focused on these key elements with some surprises thrown in.  As guests entered they were served #Samgreers before sitting down for the ceremony; then our guests walked through the beautiful gates to the barn where another bar was set up with acoustic music on a guitar, a grazing table and fairy floss with games to play – everything that we loved with the people we love.

On the day we were very lucky – 15 minutes away it poured rain and they had 23mm of rain, in Melbourne it hailed, but amidst this we had no rain – our guests were saying it was like a ‘love dome’ as the clouds all tumbled around us and we had the best light; it was spectacular the weather.


The dress.

Ah the dress!  The dress that Sam thought was going to be a poufy, huge floral tiered dress as my bridesmaids and I kept telling him!

I was told by a friend from work to try every single style and enjoy!  I was a little confused at first as I liked so many styles yet the dress basically came to me – I didn’t think I was going to have that moment – but as soon as I put it on – we all knew it was it.  I really wanted something that was simple with a beautiful train and a lower back.

The staff at Karen Willis Holmes definitely cemented our decision as when trying the dress on, the attention to detail and service we received was impeccable.


Favourite moment.

Every moment was so special, walking down the aisle with my Father, receiving a card beforehand off Sam to tell me how he felt; our vows which we wrote separately; dancing with all our friends.

Our first dance was so much fun as we just free danced like we usually do to Bob Marley.

Sam says it was watching me walk down the aisle and when he saw my face at first, we were both so excited I think our hearts almost burst.


Meaning of marriage.

You and Me.

A lot of people say nothing changes when you get married, but we did feel a shift.  We feel like we are a bit more of a team now, that we have this special link.

For us it means the 2 older people holding hands whilst crossing the street – looking out for one another.  That will be us.  It means sharing chocolate on the couch whilst watching a movie.  It means dancing together at a party until all hours of the night.  It means making each other coffee in the morning.  It means running around the house chasing each other cause the other person has the chocolate.  It means cuddles in the morning and dinner dates at night.  It means gardening together even though the other person may not be a green thumb.  It means the smile on each other’s faces when you see each other at the end of the day thinking how lucky am I to have this person in my life.  It means sharing all lives special moments together.


Wedding soundtrack.

We still listen to our aisle song and instantly look at each other when it come on.

Aisle: I’m Gonna Be (550 miles) by Sleeping at Last

Recessional (played by acoustic player): Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Mess is Mine by Vance Joy

Exit (played by acoustic player): Happy by Pharrel Williams

First Dance: Is This Love by Bob Marley – we decided not to do the traditional dance – but to dance like we usually do together at a party, just having fun!

Oh, and at the very end – we will always remember Horses being played at the reception, the whole barn was dancing and it was filmed – all of our friends now put it on and we all dance with each other remembering that night.


Funny stories (or near disasters).

Sam started to write his speech around four months out from the wedding! He was so nervous as he is not a big public speaker – but absolutely nailed it on the day.

My bridesmaid’s dress on the day was not hemmed!  I didn’t even know until later on, yet she took it out of the bag and was in shock – luckily Melissa from Grace & Co Styling took the dress to her mum’s house nearby and had it hemmed in time for the ceremony.


Words of wisdom.

The boys went to play golf in the morning at the golf course in Creswick; we organised three buggies and off they went – Sam and the boys said it was the best, it enabled them to have a laugh together and relax before getting into their suits.  It certainly calmed his nerves.

Make sure you both take the time for you two to have a moment on the day– sit back and enjoy the vibe and watch everyone, take it in that this is actually happening; this was advice that so many other couples had told us – and we are so glad we took it on – it was just such a magical day.  Have fun and enjoy the process – it is truly the best time of your lives.

Remember it is you and your partners day; be sure you plan your wedding for you, nobody else…it is your day – keep it to the things that you love.

Book Great music!! We booked an acoustic player during the day and a band for the night – it is a long day and helps to keep everyone entertained – setting the vibe you want for the day.

It helps to be organised, have a run sheet, include all vendors, contact numbers and whom is responsible with timings.  Ensure you give it out to your immediate families, so they know where to be when and know what was going on.

When offered help – take it!  Don’t try and do everything on your own – no matter how much you feel that you can take all on board, I learnt this through my journey and believe me; everyone wants to help you as they care; take them up on it.

If you are planning the whole day on a property – ensure you hire someone that helps you to run the day – it will take so much off your shoulders and help you enjoy your day.

Enjoy the process!! It is so much fun, choosing wine and music late at night with your hubby and planning your day, don’t think of it as a burden; think of it as a journey.

Relax.  If you are relaxed, if your groom is relaxed then everyone is relaxed – this sets the vibe.


Final words.

We were initially not going to hire a videographer, however so many people told us it was a must.  So, we decided to go ahead and hire one.  The White Tree were fantastic; answered any questions I had leading up to the wedding and we barely noticed that they were there on the day. The clips are something that we will watch forever.



Country weddings are simply sublime, so be sure to check out Cait & Matty’s Beechworth bash.



Ceremony and reception venue:  Aghadoe Estate

Celebrant/Officiant: Tony Bugden

Photography:  White Shutter Photography. Connection…definitely Anne from White Shutter.  We were messaging her like we were old BFF’s in the end; Sam got along with Anne so well that even at one stage Sam took the camera off Anne and we took a photo with her on the day. There was nothing that this woman wouldn’t do – she would have a laugh with us and was there until the end.  She went above and beyond and had advice for any question I had; she made me feel calm.  When we received our first sneak peak shots – we were blown away.

Videography:  The White Tree

Styling:  Greer Mayberry (Bride) with help of Clare Walter (Friend) & Melissa Spenceleyof Grace and Co Styling who was hired for 3 hours to run all timings on the day.

Florist:  Wootton and Nicholls

Hair:  Sarah Milligan and Melinda Walker

Make Up:  Stephanie Alexandra Jones Makeup

The Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Veil / head wear: Karen Willis Holmes

Shoes: Ginger and Smart

Earrings: Eclectica

Rings:  All Diamonds Malvern – The team here were wonderful at taking our idea and making it come to life

Bridesmaids dresses:  A collection of different dresses – Shona Joy, Carla Zampatti, Arch Fashion

Grooms suit:  MJ BALE

Grooms Shoes: Freestyle Clothing

Bow ties / ties:  MJ BALE

Socks: Happy Socks

Catering: Fresh Fork

Favors:  We made our favours throughout the year leading up to the wedding.  Terracotta Pots from Bunnings, icy Pole sticks from Spotlight

Cake / Cake topper:  The groom, Sam, organised organized our Cheese Wheel Cake purchasing cheeses from Geelong Fresh Foods

Stationery / Signage:  Peta Craddock

Entertainment:  Pre Canapes and Ceremony: Nick Anderson through Tremolo – such a great voice! Reception: Baker Boys Band

Décor and hire: Memphis Hire – this was all of our furniture, festoon lighting and glass hire,  – they were fantastic!

Photo booth: Shutterhub Photobooths

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