Real Wedding – Min & Chris, Warrnambool Vic
Real Wedding – Min & Chris, Warrnambool Vic
Real Wedding – Min & Chris, Warrnambool Vic
Real Wedding – Min & Chris, Warrnambool Vic

Real Wedding – Min & Chris, Warrnambool Vic

While it may have taken Chris some time to propose to the gorgeous Min, once it took place, their families rallied around them and put together a country wedding like you’ve never seen before.

Min and Chris kept a sense of reality when it came to their planning as they endured a family tragedy that put it all into perspective. They realised that weddings are about family, love and coming together – and that is all that matters. As you will see in the many beautiful moments captured by photographer Dijana Risteska, that is exactly what they achieved.


The meeting.

I found a share house online and moved in with Chris’ best friend Chris (best man).  So I met him when he came over and thought he was a bit cute!  We ended up together one drunken ‘wine night’ (a local Thursday night tradition at the time), we ran out of cigarettes as we were chain smoking together (we no longer smoke!) and our lovely sober friend Dane agreed to drive us to the servo to buy more.  Chris sat in the front and reached his hand around behind the seat to hold my hand….I thought it was the sweetest thing!

The one.

I can’t remember ‘knowing he was the ‘one’, but I remember being hopeful he’d propose when we went away for our one-year anniversary, so I must have had a good feeling about us! Seven years later…he came through with the goods.

The proposal.

Chris proposed, with our daughter Lucy’s help, when we were away for our 8-year anniversary.  We were on the veranda and he was holding Lucy looking out at the view.  When they turned around Lucy was holding a burger ring (which I had in the past joked to him that he could propose with).  Being accustomed to going away and NOT being proposed to, I pushed the thought out of my head and asked where the rest of the packet was (share, guys!).  He then asked me to marry him.

I later found out about designer, Lucy Folk, who made jewellery based on food, so my engagement ring is a sterling silver burger ring, I love it!

Planning process.

We chose a date that gave us five months to prepare.  The main thing I wanted to achieve and maintain was an easy-going “stress free” (ha) wedding.  Our initial idea was a BBQ in my parents yard, very simple.

Weddings have a tendency to grow, so we ended up with fancy cars and a musician and an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  We are so happy with how it all turned out, and wouldn’t change a thing.

We were also very lucky to have my brother Dave take on the role of wedding planner, he did so much work getting the farm ready, along with my amazing parents and family. They figured out how it would all come together and worked closely with Warrnambool party hire.  He really ensured it all ran smoothly and saved me a lot of stress!

Style inspiration.

We wanted an intimate, relaxed celebration, with a bit of a festival feel – lots of fairy lights, bunting, fires, hay bale couches amongst the trees, and flowing champagne!

The dress.

It is by Simona, who are stocked in David Jones, Burke street.  It’s very simple and elegant.

Favourite moment.

I was terrified of being the centre of attention (funny, when I created an event for 120 guests!)  I thought I’d be able to hear my heart beating when I walked down the aisle, and that I’d be so anxious that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the day.  So my favourite moment was walking down the aisle with Dad and realising, this is FUN!  I can do this!  I also loved knowing that the party had started and I could enjoy it and all of the hard work that had gone into it!

My second favourite moment was dancing. All. night. long.

Meaning of marriage.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Hurricane by Lord Huron.

Funny stories (or near disasters).

Near disaster was my stick-on bra!!  I had practiced with one prior to the wedding and it worked fine. I hadn’t counted on perhaps perspiring from nerves and so I spent a lot of the ceremony adjusting myself to ensure it was still attached.  I really thought it was going to fall out the bottom of my dress when I was walking down the aisle.  I would find a different option if I had the day again!

Words of wisdom.

None of the details really matter in the scheme of things.  The main thing is to celebrate with family and friends.

We lost our beautiful nephew, Billy, three weeks before the wedding to SIDS, and you realise when you go through something like that, that the only thing in the world that truly matters is time with your loved ones.  Talk about putting life into perspective.  We decided to go ahead with the wedding because weddings are about family, love and coming together.  We had just been (and still are) going through hell, and we needed a little bit of joy.  Joy like Billy always gave us, and will always give us.  As part of the ceremony we did a balloon release, which was very special.  One of my favourite photographs is of us all looking up at the sky as my Gran releases her balloon.

So, bonbonniere, who cares! Is your nail polish matching your lips? Who cares! Do you have to put the two youngest flower girls in different shoes because you were sent the wrong size? Yes! Who cares!




Venue: Private property, Warrnambool

Photographer: Dijana Risteska

Celebrant: Emmalee Bell

Dress: Simona, from David Jones

Shoes: Elena Iachi from Zomp

Suit: MJ Bale

Bridesmaid’s: Forever New

Bridesmaid shoes: EOS Theora

Flower girls: Country Road, Collette Dinnigan, Witchery, Seed

Flower girl shoes: Country Road and Seed

Flowers: Anne Mirtschin, family friend and teacher at local school

Ring: Keshett (wedding ring) & Lucy Folk for the ‘burger ring’ engagement ring

Cars: Friend of the family

Catering: Tasty Plate

Cake: Fabulous friend, Emma Grady (with mentoring from Mel)

Music: Tom Carty

Make up: Georgina Dumesny

Eyelashes: Amazing friend, Emma McRae of Emlash extensions 

Hair: Sommer Faulkner

Marquee/supplies/set up: Warrnambool Party hire

Arch and bunting: Bluestone events, who also assisted with set up

Wedding planner: Dave (Min’s brother)

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