Real Wedding – Trevor & Chrissy, Bruny Island TAS
Real Wedding – Trevor & Chrissy, Bruny Island TAS
Real Wedding – Trevor & Chrissy, Bruny Island TAS
Real Wedding – Trevor & Chrissy, Bruny Island TAS

Real Wedding – Trevor & Chrissy, Bruny Island TAS

Trevor and Chrissy’s epic wedding day theme was inspired by dark, moody oceans, reminiscent of dramatic windswept days and starkly stunning coastlines. As Ash says, after two postponements and a string of see it to believe it mishaps, this was the mood of the moment as they planned for attempt number three.

However, the vibe was nothing short of intensely magical, with the love and strength between the newlyweds and their guests elevating this day to absolute highs of emotion.

Contrasting the dramatic coastal look are exquisitely elegant bouquets interspersed with soft, coral-like textures in seafoam whites and blush kissed pinks. Decor arrangements centred around striking silhouettes of dried palm fronts, bringing the coastal feel to the sophisticated reception styling.

A clear span marquee illuminated with soft fairy lights lit a lush tablescape of soft ghost cream linen and ethereal silks scattered with candles, accented with pops of deep emerald green and brass gold. We love the sense of cohesion between the ceremony setting, continuing into the celebrations afterwards, the incredible work of stylist Dear Leone.

There to capture every wildly wonderful detail was photographer By The Wilde. Scroll on to immerse yourself in this epic story of aesthetically artful, loved up moments.

The meeting.

At a highschool party on the day before Valentines Day 11 years ago. A funny little story that made it to our wedding speeches was that my phone was notoriously unreliable back then so after I gave him my number he text the next day to say “if the stars align and they moon’s shining in your direction and you actually get this text, this is Trev.”

The one.

Trev likes to tell me often that he knew straight away and I think I knew pretty quickly too.

The proposal.

Beside the bed on a sleepy Sunday morning. Perfectly us.

The planning process.

What crazy time! We got engaged about four months before COVID really took off so of course we had our whole wedding booked and paid for in Queenstown, New Zealand and then the shit hit the fan! Since then we dealt with a postponement, a cancellation and moved it to Tassie. We also unfortunately lost a lot of money in deposits so we were very burnt and sad by the time our lovely Tassie vendors got their hands on us. Now that it’s all done and dusted we often say how it just wouldn’t have been as special if it wasn’t in Tassie with our beautiful crew down there. Third time’s a charm.

Style inspiration.

I think I sent Gee (our planner from Dear Leone) a Pinterest board with some super moody, windswept dark ocean vibes. It accurately depicted how we were feeling at the time too! Gee took care of the rest. She absolutely killed it.

The ceremony.

It was one big emotional blur! It was like all that amazing hard work and stress were leading to this one point and we were finally there and COVID could do nothing about it. We based the whole wedding around this one spot on the beach at Bruny Island because it was just so gorgeous, we’re from NQ so we’re no strangers to the beach but Tasmanian beaches are just next level and different to anything like what we have up here. From there we went with a super chill vibe and minimal styling -just some beautiful floral plinth pieces that Gee and our florist put together. Our celebrant, Merren chatted with us heaps before-hand and realised we’re both close with our mums so we had this special little surprise moment where she asked our Mum’s to bless the rings. They were both so touched and loved it. We also had my nephew livestream it to some loved ones back home which meant the world to our grandparents.

The outfits.

Trev wore an all black suit with black tie and shirt. It was like we never even had to discuss that one because we both knew straight away that it would be like that. For myself I wore a beautiful lace Pronovias gown from White Lily Couture with these amazing three dimensional lace flowers and a sweetheart plunge neckline. I always envisioned myself in a similar style dress so even though I tried on a few other styles and loved them, as soon as I tried on my dress I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I never second-guessed or doubted it for a second – a bit like my love for Trev I guess!

Favourite moments.

There’s plenty. Our photographer Omar asked us to write five things we love about each other on a piece of paper and keep it a secret so we could read it out privately after the ceremony with just us and I still get teary eyed thinking about it. There were plenty of cheeky silly things read out that had us both cackling but the few meaningful words were super special. Another moment was when we walked into our reception and my little nephew was absolutely chomping at the bit to give me a cuddle so there’s an amazing photo of me with open arms and him running up to me with everyone around us.

Meaning of marriage. 

I think our celebrant, Merren, nailed it. Marriage doesn’t change anything and really it shouldn’t. It’s just an amazing celebration of our love for each other.

Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Comptine d’un Autre ete by Yann Tiersen  – a beautiful little instrumental song I found in a French movie when I was about 14 and decided on the spot back then that it would be what I’d get married to – yes I was definitely a music nerd.

Reception entry: The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala – kind of because we love Tame Impala and because why not? But mostly because we wanted to time our entry with the line ‘she was holding hands with Trevor’.

Our first dance was a bit special because my family is very musical so we asked my brother and Dad to play a song each for us. We began with me dancing with Dad to my brother singing Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits and Trev coincidentally walked in and took my hand just as my brother sang the line ‘Juliet says hey it’s Romeo’. We’d like to claim that one but we can’t. My dad then sang Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones.

We love music and have had our own little love playlist that we’ve been adding to since before marriage was even on the cards, well the ceremony song’s been in there since I was 14, so we aptly named it the Happily Ever Henry playlist the day we got engaged.

Funny stories (or near disasters),

Oh plenty of stuff! Plenty of Hobart Hospital Trips and close calls with lockdowns leading up to the wedding but funnily the first one that came to mind and the one that still has me cringing (even though it really wasn’t a big deal) is when my shoe fell off mid walk down the aisle. It wasn’t that bad but I felt the need to tell Trev as soon as I got to him and a few times after and you can hear it in the finished film!

Our entire Tasmania trip/honeymoon was the best time of our life but a nightmare trip all in one. Trev’s grandad passed away back home on the night of the wedding so we were just basking in the glow of newlywed life when we got the news and that was really hard for the family. Other than that there were hail storms in the middle of hikes, broken car windows in the middle of the snow, leeches, horrific Airbnbs, aforementioned hospital trips, dog attacks, sprained ankles and more. It almost sounds like a badly written rom-com movie when I list it like that!

Wedding planning surprises.

I guess how quickly the day goes. I was told it plenty of times because I’ve been lucky enough to be part of other couple’s big days on a professional level, but you kind of get to a point in the night when everyone’s gone home and you think ‘wow it’s done’.

Words of wisdom.

One bit of advice specifically for COVID couples is to take it as it comes and not sweat the small stuff. There’s plenty of things that will happen which could absolutely suck but you’ve just got to take a second to remember why you’re getting married. For us, we just wanted it to be a celebration of our love, so if that meant a few less people were there to see it, then that’s okay, that love is still there and strong and I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities to celebrate it in the future.

Final words.

Get a wedding planner and surround yourself with a team of vendors that match your energy and your day will be amazing.




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Ceremony location: Cloudy Bay Beach Path, Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Reception location: Cloudy Bay Cabin paddock, Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Celebrant/Officiant: Merren from Cinta Celebrate Love. She was absolutely a blessing and lives and breathes love.

Photography: Omar at By The Wilde. He was our first person we found and as soon as we saw his vibe we simultaneously decided it was what we needed and worked out the rest from there. Knew exactly what we wanted and needed without us even realizing ourselves haha.

Videography: Ashton at Awkward Soul Videography. Absolutely a calming and relaxed energy on the day and 100% understood us from the get-go.

Styling: Gee at Dear Leone This woman is worth her weight in gold. When I say she saved us I really mean it.

Florist: Carolyn at Found in Earth. I let Carolyn work things out with Gee and she absolutely killed the florals.

Hair: Ben O’Brien assisted by Monique Smith. When I say I’m devastated that I can’t get Ben to do my hair every single day I mean it.

Make Up: I did my own along with my Junior Bridesmaid and flower girl and Tamsin Nolan took care of the rest.

The Dress: Pronovias from White Lily Couture

Veil / headwear: Just big, beautiful statement earrings from Etsy and a lovely white denim jacket from good old cotton on that I embroidered Mrs Henry on to haha.

Shoes: Little ballet flats from Witchery that I attached big emerald green velvet bows to.

Rings: No idea about the engagement ring but our wedding rings were from Louise Jean Jewellery

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Jenny Yoo for my bridesmaids and I handmade and designed my little niece’s flower girl dress.

Suits: YD. for all of the boys and my little nephew’s was from Myer

Bow ties / ties: YD. for the big boys and most of the men in the family and I handmade my nephew’s adorable little matching bow tie and pocket square to match the flower girl.

Catering: Bruny Island Food Truck. My guests still regularly talk about how epic that food was.

Bar: Bruny Island Food Truck amazing bar staff too.

Cake / Cake topper: Cakedd Hobart

Stationery / Signage: Blossie for the day, Sketch & Etch Creative for the neon sign and Wild Etched for my amazingly gorgeous invites.

Entertainment: My Dad and Brother with a little bit of back up by my God Father throughout the night!

Transport: The Bruny Island Explorer

Décor: Dear Leone

Hire: Salters Hire, Table Event Hire, Hobart Events Tasmania

Other: All pre-beauty etc done by myself and my amazing apprentice who happens to be my lovely sister-in-law.

Honeymoon: We’ll only talk of the lovely, gorgeous places we went to! Could never ever recommend the The Burrows in Swansea enough. That place was friggin epic. Also amazing Cloudy Bay Beach House.


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