Ten ways to make your wedding ceremony unique
Ten ways to make your wedding ceremony unique
Ten ways to make your wedding ceremony unique
Ten ways to make your wedding ceremony unique

Ten ways to make your wedding ceremony unique

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Your wedding ceremony is arguably the pinnacle and most special moment of your day, as you seal the deal in front of your favourite people before celebrating the night away.

For many couples, while planning a ceremony is special, it can also be daunting. Wonderful wedding ceremonies should reflect the unique nature of your relationship and your personalities, it doesn’t have to be traditional or boring and you’re welcome to throw out the rule-book (besides the legal components) when working with your celebrant to create something unique.

However, if you’re wondering where to start with making your wedding ceremony unique, we’ve rounded up ten ways to do exactly that!



Walk down the aisle together.

If you have pre-ceremony jitters, or you’re wanting to go against tradition, why not walk down the aisle together? There is no rule book here, and this choice can be symbolic in that it represents unity, also helping give a sense of confidence if you’re feeling some nerves. Also don’t feel restricted by who you walk the aisle with if you choose it to be with someone – mum’s, dad’s grandparent’s, kids, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to this moment.


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Opt out of wedding readings and instead choose heartfelt words or advice from your loved ones.

While wedding readings and poetry can be lovely if it means something to you as a couple, you can also mix things up and include your nearest and dearest in other ways too. Ask select guests to send your celebrant or officiant advice or hopes for your marriage that can be weaved into the ceremony. Or if you have an important guest who cannot be present, ask them to share some words that can be read out too.


Photo: Ed Sloane


Introduce your wedding party.

While many guests may know your wedding party, not all of them will know who they are or their connection to you. As the ceremony commences ask your celebrant or officiant to introduce each of them and even share a sentence or two as to how they know you and a sweet or funny memory. It’s a nice way to include your A-team and a gentle warm-up for the ceremony to follow.


Photo: Katie Harmsworth


Have your wedding party seated.

Traditionally your wedding party stand up front with you, though it can also at times obstruct their view of your ceremony and can make your photos busy, particularly if you’re working with a small space. At the beginning of the ceremony, ask that they they take a seat, along with your guests and let them relax and enjoy proceedings while keeping the focus on the two of you.


Photo: Anna Dewar


Personal wedding vows. 

Let’s face it, this is the moment everyone is looking forward to, hearing heartfelt vows that are personal to you and your partner and sharing your unique love and promises to one another. Feel free to get creative when it comes to your wedding vows and if you’re having trouble knowing where to start, we have some helpful hints when writing personalised vows.


Photo: Kyra Boyer


Vow play.

Bring a little light-hearted banter into the ceremony and consider letting your celebrant conduct a ‘paper-scissors-rock’-off to select which of you will deliver your vows first. There are other options here – play a short, personalised quiz, with the winner getting to chose the order of proceedings, or ninja-vows – whereby the marrying parties each pre-write some top-secret (and typically humorous) promises the other will agree to in the moment.


Witness raffle.

Audience participation? Here’s a fun one. You can hand out raffle tickets to all attending guests and then select at random the two chosen ‘winners’ to partake in the signing of marriage certificates. Alternatively you can select your vows prior but not share who it will be until the moment so they get a beautiful surprise.


Photo: Georgia Verrells


Sign after the ceremony. 

The signing can form a nice, sentimental part of the ceremony, but for some couples, it’s not something they wish to share with their guests. Consider wrapping up proceedings then stepping away with your celebrant and witnesses and get the job done in a more relaxed manner. This can take place away from prying eyes and allow your guests to head off to get the party started sooner.


End with a toast.

If you’re keen to start the celebrations as soon as possible, end your ceremony with a toast. At the point in which you are signing your paperwork, have someone pass around a small glass of bubbles to your guests and ask your officiant or even a guest to send you off with a toast. Alternatively, end the ceremony with a champagne tower!


Photo: Tess Follett


Exit strategy.

You’ve exchanged vows and rings, sealed your ceremony with a kiss and signed off all the paperwork – it’s now time to exit your ceremony in sensational style. While typically couples will make their way down the aisle to a touching song and go straight into congratulations with their guests, if you want to elevate your exit, consider something a little different. Lead your guests from ceremony to reception with a marching or Mariachi band; give your guests tambourines to shake as you make your way down the aisle



If you’re at the point of choosing ceremony songs for this magical moment, and need a hand, open up a YouTube or Spotify browser (we’ve created Spotify playlists just for you), settle in and press play on our round-up of popular wedding ceremony song selection ideas from real couples.


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