Jess Nicholls Photography

Jess Nicholls spent her early years with her father’s old film camera in hand, determined not to leave any moment undocumented. If you ask the couples who’s wedding day she has since captured – they’ll be damn grateful she did.


Fleeting moments of human interaction that would otherwise have been forgotten is where Jess’ keen eye often lands. The potential a single photo has to transport someone back to a moment in time where they remember how they felt is more than a little special, and it’s exactly why Jess adores what she does.


Jess is all about colourful, real and fun wedding photos for those who are (and are not) a little camera shy. With her vibrant and inclusive personality, she is an epic wedding day addition – striking that perfect balance between professionalism and fun. Trust us when we say that you want a photographer like Jess around, who makes you and your guests feel like she’s an old friend.


Being behind the scenes on someone’s big day is a privilege not lost on Jess, and while she’ll provide a collection of precious memories for you to treasure ever-after, she’s also not afraid of a dance-floor floss-off when required and you best believe that there’ll be an inordinate among of photos of your dog and your dancing nana.


Take it straight from those in the know:  “The way Jess managed to capture almost every person in a head-thrown-back, mouth-wide-open laugh is perfection. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HOPED FOR. Everyone having fun. We will be obsessing over these bad boys for years and years to come”.


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