Katie Harmsworth

Katie Harmsworth was born to be a photographer, there’s no denying it.


From a young age, her mother – a painter and poet – taught Katie about light, composition and storytelling. As the years went by, and as Katie honed her craft, she began to see the beautiful light her mother had talked about all those years ago, and set to turning her imagery into incredible stories of love.


When it comes to her wedding photography, Katie is inspired by beauty, love, and connection. She adores shooting in all types of light and her decade-long experience as a photographer ensures she’s a confident and calming presence on your day


Katie approaches each wedding day with two photographic styles. Photojournalistic in nature, she captures the authentic moments as they unfold, before offering enough direction during your portrait sessions to help craft timeless and romantic memories and moments that will leave you breathless. Blending these romantic portraits with authentic photojournalism allows Katie to pursue the day with passion, meaning that you will not only receive incredible imagery, but you will also have a wonderful experience unfolding.


Katie Harmsworth’s imagery truly speaks for itself – captivating, romantic, timeless and authentic. We fall in love with her work time and time again, and know you will too.


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