Kristen Cook Studio

Kristen Cook Studio is modern wedding photography for timeless lovers, beauty seekers, classic romantics, stylish storytellers, whimsical dreamers, enamoured souls, romantics at heart, soulmates and more importantly heart centred humans who are madly in love.


If any of the above resonates with you, then welcome to Kristen Cook Studio, an exceptional collective of passionate wedding photographers and storytellers dedicated to capturing the essence of your wedding day in a way that transcends time.


Offering a unique fusion of photojournalism and fashion, providing couples with a harmonious blend of both worlds. Here, every detail is not only seen but celebrated, while moments of human connection are thoughtfully and discreetly documented in their signature airy and emotive style.


With a deep understanding that every couple is unique, they seek to connect with you on a personal level, fostering a relaxed and comfortable environment that allows you to be yourselves.


As Melbourne wedding photographers, they view each love story as an untold masterpiece. Their talented team excels at crafting visual masterpieces, weaving together the intricate threads of your journey to convey emotions, connections, and unspoken words. With meticulous eye for detail, they capture the unique essence of your love story, and together, embark on a collaborative journey with you to capture the raw beauty and genuine emotions of your wedding day.


Why is photography with Kristen Cook Studio different?


Where Editorial Sophistication Meets Timeless Love Stories.

They seamlessly fuse the editorial photography style with their unwavering commitment to immortalising timeless love stories. The outcome is exquisite imagery that captures the essence of romance while infusing a touch of high-end fashion-inspired aesthetics into your photography.


Crafting a Bespoke Luxury Experience.

Kristen Cook Studio provide an entirely personalised luxury experience, where every facet of your photography journey is meticulously tailored to mirror your one-of-a-kind story. From the very first consultation to the final delivery, they curate every detail with thoughtfulness to offer an unmatched level of luxury.


Timeless Evocative Storytelling.

With a sharp artistic eye, they weave together emotion, light, and composition to craft visual narratives that forge a profound connection with their couples. Their approach captures your wedding day effortlessly, with a heartfelt and authentic touch.


Proudly documenting your love in all its beautiful, honest and brilliant glory, allow Kristen Cook Studio to tell your story.

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