Californian-born Kyra Boyer has lived and worked in many different countries, but now proudly calls Melbourne home, and it is Australian weddings that have captured her heart and ignited her creative flare.

Offering a unique and honest perspective into a wedding day, Kyra is energetic and offbeat, genuine and oh-so-much fun. And her photographs? Well that’s easy – they are filled with love and completely driven by your individual story.

Kyra is not only an incredibly talented lens ninja, she also happens to be fiercely passionate about her craft, and capturing real moments naturally as a wedding day unfolds is what she does best.

To Kyra, weddings have it all: big emotion, love, ritual, performance, styling, fashion, food, tears, laughter, music… all of what is good in life. And given the opportunity to capture this in a creative and artistic way on your best day ever? Well, that’s just your damn great luck.

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