Love Alfalfa

If you’re looking for someone to bring your floral dreams alive for your very own love story, then Elle, the incredible founder of Love Alfalfa, is the one.


For bespoke designs with seasonal flowers and your style, vision and budget in mind, Love Alfalfa are the cream of the crop.  Thriving on colour and texture, and not afraid to use it, Elle prides herself on offering unique concepts and solutions for whatever floral fabulousness you are looking for.


Love Alfalfa are all about making your wedding floral journey a collaborative one and they want you to feel like you are part of the creative process as much as you wish to be. However, should creativity not be your jam, then they’re happy to go with your vibe and run like the wind to create memorable florals that are epic. They pour all their love into your creations and are always approachable to answer any questions you might have along the way.


Elle comes with a decade of experience and even to this day, she still gets giddy about gorgeous flowers. She knows intimately every aspect of bringing incredible florals to life and she’s always keeping up to date with new varieties, design trends and everything in between. For Elle, there is no better feeling that dropping off her designs to couples on their wedding day and seeing the looks of joy they bring, it’s a warm and fuzzy hit of serotonin each and every time!


Love Alfalfa ultimately offer full floral services that include colour proposal, floral mood varieties and you can bet you will also find them out and about doing market visits, floral deliveries and midnight bump-outs, they don’t miss a thing.


Be it beautiful bridal bouquets, an installation sensation or floral ceremony settings that will leave you swooning, we can guarantee that Love Alfalfa will have you covered.




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