Vow Renewal – Phil and Aimmey, Greendale VIC
Vow Renewal – Phil and Aimmey, Greendale VIC
Vow Renewal – Phil and Aimmey, Greendale VIC
Vow Renewal – Phil and Aimmey, Greendale VIC

Vow Renewal – Phil and Aimmey, Greendale VIC

Witnessing a couple on their wedding day is always an incredible honour, so seeing the emotion between a couple renewing their vows gives all the beautiful feels. After a decade together as husband and wife, Aimmey and Phil remade their promises together, promises imbued with the knowledge of how incredible the life they have created has been so far. The joy and meaning of the moment is palpable, captured with artistry by the talented Kristen Cook Studio.


As a (talented!) make-up artist, Aimmey has seen many weddings unfold, so when it came to planning her second dream day, she and Phil brought all their style and discerning taste to create a vibrantly fresh, modern vision infused with timeless elegance.


With a breathtaking natural backdrop, a crisp white palette elevates the surroundings. Stunning clouds of ivory roses and soft baby breath by Flowers by Night accent the ceremony space, while the sleek silhouette of Aimmey’s gown by Kate Ellard is contemporary sophistication personified. 


What do you dream of for your ten-year anniversary? Scroll on to be inspired by a couple whose day is not only aesthetically impactful but punctuated by the breathtaking romance of a marriage between best friends.



The meeting.

We met almost 20 years ago in a club through a friend. Let’s just say first impressions don’t count, the second one does and that’s when we really hit it off. We just had an amazing connection and chemistry from the beginning. 


The ‘one’.

We are opposites where it’s needed and complement one another where it’s really important. Phil balances me out and is the most amazing human to everyone around him. I am so lucky to be loved by someone so wonderful and have a deep sense of admiration for who he is and all that he stands for. I knew he was the one when he helped me through an extremely tough time that my family and I were going through and he did not hesitate for a minute to help me through it as well as my family. He showed me more compassion and love than anyone deserves and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Phil truly helps me be a better person each day and accepts me for all that I am. It has been such a privilege building a family and growing old with him is a dream come true. 


The proposal.

Phil popped the question on my 27th birthday when I thought that my family and friends dinner was the surprise. The real surprise was when he asked me to marry him in front of everyone when I was cutting my cake. He had the proposal on my cake but because there were sparklers on the cake and I’m actually afraid of sparklers, I didn’t see what was written until I saw Phil on one knee. It was so special to have all my loved ones there to celebrate in such an amazing moment in our lives. 


Planning process.

We had a vision of an outdoor ceremony for our vow renewal but not in a formal setting. We eventually found a beautiful property in Greendale that we were able to use as the canvas for our event. Months of planning took place, but with the help of a stylist and amazing friends we were able to turn our vision into reality.


Syle inspiration.

We wanted a relaxed and fun vibe at our vow renewal as it was a lunchtime affair. We just wanted everyone to have a good time! These were the people who have played a role in our marriage journey so wanted to share this special moment with them, and really, for everyone to just get together and celebrate something that means so much to us. 


The ceremony.

Our ceremony was intimate and involved our children because they were the ones who wanted us to get married again. Our amazing celebrant asked our daughters to write a letter to us and we heard them for the first time when they read it out at the ceremony. It was such a beautiful surprise and made the whole ceremony so much more special. We also re-wrote our vows and read to them one another. It was so emotional as our vows just meant so much more and truly reflected all that we have been through over the last ten years. They just had more meaning and depth as this time, we had already experienced marriage and the vows were just that much more personal. 


The outfits.

 I went into the vow renewal search wanting something off-the-rack that didn’t look exactly like a wedding dress, as I already had my time with that ten years ago. This time, I wanted a more relaxed dress and no train as I knew i would be running around after the children and walking on lots of grass. After a long search, I decided that I had to make my dress if I wanted to have it exactly how I envisioned it.

I found Kate Ellard through a friend’s recommendation and I loved her the moment we met. I designed the dress from my own experience of what suited my body, to be something that I hoped would date well and a with a design that is the complete opposite to my first wedding dress. We added the detachable sleeves at the last minute and I could not be happier with how it turned out. I loved the process from start to finish. 

Phil wore the same suit as the one he wore for our wedding day, amazingly it still fit after ten years.


Favourite moment.

Phil: My favourite moment of the day was seeing our kids get ready with Aimmey, and the joy they had in being an integral part of our vow renewal. Their pure excitement really set the tone for the rest of the day and it was a wonderful day that we never wanted to end.


Meaning of marriage.

Phil: Marriage to me means that you are taking a journey together with your best friend knowing there are highs and lows along the way, but always hand in hand. Marriage isn’t simply saying ‘I do’ on the day but rather saying ‘I choose you’ now and every day after to be the person I take that lifelong journey with.

Amy: Marriage to me means knowing that you will always have a home. A safe haven where you can go to and always feel loved, heard and seen. Phil is exactly that person for me and I know that choosing him everyday has been my greatest privilege. I know that marriage is something so sacred and something that I can’t take for granted as not everyone gets to experience it in their lifetime. 


Wedding soundtrack.

Phil: The kids walked down the aisle to I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden played by our dear friend Joe on the piano. I then sang You’re Still the One by Shania Twain when Aimmey walked down the aisle. I thought I had practiced as much as I could but choked up the moment I saw her, but with the help of our band I managed to finish the song.


Funny stories or near disasters.

Phil: Well there was a disaster as I was unable to give Aimmey the gold ring I got her for the vow R=renewal. I had gone to get it resized at the local jeweller during the week. However, when I went to pick it up the day before the big day, the jeweller was admitted to hospital and I was unable to collect it. Fortunately, Aimmey was able to forgive me!


Planning surprises.

Just how easy it was and how well we worked together to bring our vision to life! I guess it was our second time around so we knew what we loved and liked and what was important and what details we could leave out. it was really fun planning it a second time around!


Words of wisdom.

Have a vision and make sure to over-budget!


Also just go with whatever happens on the day as things may not go to planned but it is those moments that will be the stories you retell to everyone. How your energy and vibe is on the day, will detect that of how everyone feels at the wedding. Just have FUN and ENJOY it all. It really does go too quickly! 



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Ceremony & reception venue: Karmya Farm Greendale

Celebrant:  Nhulyweds – Nhu – Is the most amazing celebrant who just crafted our ceremony so beautifully and really captured the essence of what it was all about and who we are as a couple and family. She went above and beyond by meeting with our daughters (Charli and Billie) to write a special letter with them that was read out at our ceremony. It was such a beautiful surprise. She also tried to incorporate sentimental moments in our ceremony that we will always be grateful for. Cannot recommend Nhu enough!

Photography: Kristen Cook Studio – The easiest decision we made as Kristen was our photographer ten years ago and has become a dear friend we love and admire! She is just incredible at what she does and makes you feel so at ease on the day. She really is the best in the biz and her photos speak for themselves! We LOVED every shot she sent us and are so lucky we got to have her a second time around.

Videography: Video Boutique – I have worked with so many videographers over the years but Anthony has always been someone I have loved working alongside and also love his story telling on the day. He makes you feel comfortable in front of the lens and is just so easy to get along with.

Styling: Jessie Carruba – There are not enough words to describe how incredible Jessie was on our special day as well as leading up to our big day! She just knew all the details and was so lovely to work with. She didn’t let us forget anything and ensured that we had everything we needed on the day. I didn’t stress for a moment on the day as she had everything under control from the very beginning. She saw our vision and really made it come to life. She co-ordinated our ceremony perfectly and our guests all had a great time and loved our set up because of Jessie. She also worked so seamlessly with our other vendors and her energy was just what we needed on the day!  

Florist: Flowers by Night – We could’t have gone with anyone else as Kimmie is amazing at what she does and is so easy to deal with. You give her a vision and she runs with it and goes above and beyond. She brought our ideas to life and was even better than we could have imagined. She also works so well with our other vendors and is a beautiful soul.

Hair: Vuthorn Chan – A long time friend and was there for me at my first wedding. She nailed the brief and was just the perfect person to see in the morning to calm my nerves and just really enjoy the process of getting ready! 

Make-up: Velvetthi (Thi Le) – She is incredible at her craft and just the loveliest person. Thi just knows how to make and feel your best on your special day and truly goes above and beyond to ensure that all the small details are perfect. She was so patient with me and ensured I was happy with how I looked. My make-up lasted all day and night and I just did not want to take it off. I’m a make-up artist myself and would not have trusted anyone else to do my makeup!  

The dress: Kate Ellard is amazing! I could not find a dress that combined what I wanted in one but Kate did! She helped make my dream dress come to life and was always so accommodating but always gave the right advice when needed. She really was so amazing to work with and made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. Her workmanship is so incredible and really shows in how comfortable and perfect my dress fit on the day.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Suits: Oscar Hunt

Catering: Happy Camper – We had appetisers, pizzas and gelato catered by Happy Camper for our casual luncheon and it was perfect! Everyone loved the food!

Favours: The cancer council pins and contributions on behalf of our guests

Cake / Cake topper: Yum Mammas. Vivian made our cake ten years ago so we could not have anyone else make our cake! She is the best at what she does and everyone ate the cake and wanted more.

Entertainment: Jay Ess Entertainment. They were the most perfect duo and complimented out vow renewal perfectly as their vibe was so fun yet easy going at the same time. They sang all the songs that were requested before our ceremony, during and after. They even stayed back as the guests loved them so much and were wanted to keep the vibes going. Ian and Jay are really lovely and just so easy to get along with. Could not recommend their talent enough! 

Hire: The Table Station – delivered everything we needed in perfect condition and really helped accommodate for our timings! They were so lovely to deal with.

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