Top Wedding Cakes
Top Wedding Cakes
Top Wedding Cakes

Top Wedding Cakes

Cake: Blackbird Cakes Photo: Katie Harmsworth


When it comes to wedding cake, boy oh boy is there an abundance of baked treats that not only look sensational, but taste it too.

It’s  time to get creative with your wedding cake – will you keep it simple and sweet, a triumph of tiers or decorate with fab florals?

Gone are the days of the traditional, and in its place are endless flavour choices and decadent designs – the only limit is your imagination.

Scroll on for the latest wedding cake inspiration you need.



Cake: Pastel and Bloom Photo: Merve Togan


Cake: Torte by Mirjana Photo: Ryal Sormaz


Cake: Jenelles Custom Cakes Photo: Fern & Stone Photography


Cake: Blackbird Cakes Photo: Georgia Verrells


Cake: Cakes by Gabby Photo: Samantha Elizabeth Photography


Cake: Cake by Millstone Photo: Tahnee Jade Photography


Cake: Miss Ladybird Cakes Photo: La Moment Photography


Cake: food&desire Photo: Kyra Boyer


Cake: Made by a friend of the couple Photo: Katie Harmsworth


Cake: The Butcher’s Daughter Photo: Motta Weddings


Cake: Nobody Hates Cake Photo: Siempre Weddings


Cake: Torte By Mirjana Photo: Elsa Campbell


Cake: A Mini Kitchen Photo: Jessica Rose


Cake: Mad About Cakes Photo: Ali Bailey


Cake: Hansel and Gretel Cakes Photo: Todd Hunter McGaw


Cake: Torte by Mirjana Photo: Tess Follett


Cake: Mad About Cakes Photo: Motta Weddings


Cake: Busted Baking Photo: Jimmy Raper


Cake: Blackbird cakes Photo: Katie Harmsworth


Cake: Siglo Photo: Jess Nicholls


Cake: Groom’s aunty Photo: Tahnee Jade Photography


Cake: Katielou’s Cakes Photo: Collections Photography


Cake: The Butcher’s Daughters Cakes Photo: Allume Weddings


Cake: Rosemarie’s Cakes Photo: Tess Follett


Cake: Get Caked by Lisa Photo: Katie Harmsworth


Cake: Chaos & Couture Photo: Allume Weddings


Cake: Sallycakes Photo: Josephine Lee


Cake: Mad About Cakes Photo: Collections Photography


Tempted by these tiers of joy? Check out our favourite bake bosses on the dessert directory here.

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