Wedding videography with Directors Edge

Wedding videography with Directors Edge


When it comes to booking a videographer for your big day, some couples are unsure of whether or not the investment is worthwhile, or what to expect from the service.

We are here to tell you that this is a step in your wedding planning process you will absolutely not regret undertaking!

Glen of Directors Edge is a firm favourite of ours when it comes to cinematography, and his approach to his craft, and the joy and emotion of a wedding day that he captures in his films – well they really speak for themselves.

We sat down with Glen to find out more about what goes into planning, and shooting wedding film, as well as what you can expect when you make the winning wedding decision of booking his services for your very own I-do’s.


Firstly Glen, we absolutely love your wedding films, how did you come to be a videographer?

From a young age, I’ve always been the guy with the camera in his hand – capturing anything and everything I could and creating content for my own amusement (probably also to the annoyance of others at the time). I was also interested in theatre, so either way – being in front or behind the camera – I’m sure I would have ended up in the industry in one way or another.

My end-game initially was to work on a television series. I loved the idea of scripting a story from the beginning and seeing where it leads. Fresh out of uni, my first job was working for another video studio in the wedding industry, which gave me a taster of working and gaining some experience.

What changed for me was when I attended a video workshop several years later. Gone were the days of two hour videos that were chronological, and had cringe-worthy music and tacky effects. Coming from a background where all videographers held their cards close to their chest, it was refreshing to be part of a community that was collaborative, and seeks to unite the wedding film industry as a whole. I realised wedding films could be more than a simple point-and-shoot format, and instead I sought to tell their stories, I became a story seeker.

What would you say is your videography ‘style’?

Rather than limiting my work to one style and approach, I tend to adapt how I film and capture a day based off who the couple are and how they envision their day. If they love to party, and bust serious moves on the d-floor, their film will best represent that with a lot of moving action and atmosphere craziness. In contrast, if they are super loved up and are connected to a more cinematic feel… boom, I’ve got them covered and I’ll be a ninja capturing the hidden gems and candid moments that unfold organically.

“At the end of the day, its about making a film that best represents our couples… above all, that’s what’s most important.”



How does the process work when it comes to booking your services? 

I’ve always encouraged saying ‘hi’ before we lock things in – I want to get to know my couples as people, not as clients. I’ll be the one rocking up on the day and will be there busting a few moves on the d-floor as I’m finishing up, so it’s important to have a connection and to ensure we all like each other.

I’m also with you from beginning to end – we can meet as many times as you like prior and can talk through any questions or queries on how to make their day super rad and fun. I’ve often heard that its quite stressful planning a day, but surrounding yourself with good people and a team that know each other will make things a lot easier and simpler – because you know that team have got your back.


What are some things couples should consider or look out for when choosing the right videographer for their day?

I think what’s important – no matter what type of professional service couples obtain for their special day – is to form a connection, and share the same vision with their suppliers. I’ve never really understood videographers (or photographers for that matter) who simply just turn up and capture a day for a couple without meeting them prior… and say they are offering a “personalised service”. We (as creative suppliers) are often with our couples longer on the day than they are with each other, so it’s important that everyone is on the same page and gets on, can have a laugh, crack a joke and trust each other… otherwise, it may be awkward and that’s not good.

“Totally understand budgets as well – and quite often, adding a wedding film is second to last on the list for a lot of couples. But it’s the one thing you’ll have to look back on after the champagne has been consumed, the flowers have perished and the band has packed up at the end of the night.”


We also have something on photographers – we capture audio. How amazing would it be to hear your great grandparent’s wedding vows today? Words are often exchanged on a wedding day that are never said again publicly. I’ve seen the toughest of men and fathers break down in tears as they walk their daughter down the aisle, and to hear their voice break with emotion, you can’t capture that in a still moment.

All your loved ones are in the one place at the one time… how many times in life does that happen? Think of your film as an investment for the future.

For those couples that are worried about feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, what is your advice to ease any nerves?

This question is so common – but in reality, there is always so much happening on a wedding day –

“…a good videographer will blend seamlessly in with your people, and you won’t notice them at all. It’s our job, as filmmakers – to make you feel comfortable and not awkward on camera so trust us completely.”


After the first 30 seconds of ‘hello’s’, life continues on as normal and soon enough, you’ll be partying on the dance floor hardly noticing us capturing you all day.


What part of the day is your favourite to capture?

Reactions are a winner for me. The first time the couple sees each other (either at the ceremony if they are traditional, or at the first look if they’re modern), family and friends faces, smiles and laughter and tears during the ceremony and speeches – and all the candid in between moments. People watching is my favorite (in a non-creepy stalker way of course).


You’re very experienced in your field, what are some of the changes you have noticed in wedding films since you started out?

When I first started, films were very chronological. Very ‘Uncle Bob-esque’ point and shoot. The possibilities are endless now. Want your film to mirror an episode of Lost or The Office? No problem. Do you love the alternative hipster vibe that’s experimental and takes your breath away? Easy done!

I feel it’s a great time for newly engaged couples to kick off their journey into wedding films because there is so much talent out there. There are no rules so for us as filmmakers, it gives us the freedom and passion to be creative in the ways we tell a story and capture a day.


What would be your ultimate destination to shoot a wedding at?

So while my home turf is the Yarra Valley (and I love every wedding I capture close to home), I’ve been pretty fortunate that the majority of my work is actually destination based. I’m frequently in Echuca/Bendigo which is vastly becoming my second home – alongside coastal Phillip Island and Byron Bay. I was fortunate to spend 4 months capturing weddings in Portland, Oregon a couple of years back which was pretty surreal – and actually returning to the states in August this year to film a Vegas elopement.

The ultimate destination for me is filming a wedding in Banff, Canada (which I’m actually visiting later this month so hopefully can find a couple willing), and of course, I wouldn’t turn down filming a wedding at Harry Potter World.


What are the usual deliverables after a wedding day – will a couple receive their video in multiple format?

For Directors Edge, we keep things pretty straight forward with our offerings – because who has time to make things over complicated? As a base, coverage is from both parties preparations right through to some dance floor action at the reception. Hour based coverage is so confusing and isn’t the right fit when you’re capturing someone’s wedding story. We then edit it up into a short film which is about 3-5 minutes with of course, the long version of the ceremony and  speeches. We also have an a la carte menu if couples are wanting to add on the longer version of the day, additional cinematographers and pre-wedding coverage.

Can a couple be involved in the choice of music that accompanies their video?

Music is such an integral part of a film, and as a filmmaker and editor – it takes many hours to find that perfect song that compliments the narrative of the story. Most often, music is an afterthought so I’m fortunate that my couples entrust in my ability to choose the music that best reflects their day and the story that is being told on film.


What is the best part of your ‘job’ as a wedding videographer?

Honestly, it’s the people.

“Every wedding is always a happy event. So many smiles and laughter, and it’s heartwarming to think ‘oh wow, I’m literally with everyone on one of the happiest days in their lives’. That’s a pretty cool thing to pop in your credentials.”


The network of suppliers are also the absolute best. Good people attract good people, so I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded with some pretty amazing talent over the past few years. Running your own business can be isolating at times, but in this industry – it doesn’t feel like it. You’ve got great friends around you that you can collaborate with, talk things through and catch up outside of ‘wedding world’. It’s the best.


And finally, tell us more about you, if you could plan the perfect day, what would it look like?

After a serious sleep in, wake to a pancake and waffle breakfast with freshly scooped ice cream and hot choccie. Relax at the beach, watch my shows, swim, sky dive and travel somewhere pretty amazing by plane (first class obviously). Cap it all off with a Butterbeer at Harry Potter World before a cruisy night of dinner and a theatre show. That’s all doable right?!


Glen is so clearly passionate about what he does, and you can see from his body of work, boy, does he do it well! To lock in Directors Edge as a part of your wedding day Tribe, get in quick and send an enquiry by clicking here.



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