What is a micro wedding?
What is a micro wedding?
What is a micro wedding?
What is a micro wedding?

What is a micro wedding?



Along with the unmentionable (starts with c, ends in ovid?!), the micro wedding has been the buzz word of the wedding industry this last twelve months. But as quickly as these sweet, intimate occasions have swept us away, this is one trend that has true staying power due to the intensity of emotion, scope for style, and the impact they have on everyone involved.

Charming curators of micro weddings, Pop-up With Style, photographer Dan Brannan and celebrant Shannon Jeans have given us a peek into their alluringly emotion-filled world, showcasing a micro wedding to delight. The artfully arranged design is reminiscent of a tastefully lush otherworldly picnic, with an autumnal palette of wildly whimsical florals by Poppy Culture providing a perfectly articulated background to the gorgeous couple. We particularly love the freeform elegance of the bride’s stunning gold embossed tunic, a total scene-stealer.

To get some insight into what makes these intimate occasions so huge on impact, we’ve taken some tips from the expert team that brought this all to life.



Essentially a micro wedding is a traditional wedding bought together on a smaller scale.  It can be as relaxed or as boujee as your individual tastes – but unlike an elopement, there is a lot more structure.

There are guests and suppliers to consider, direct, and of course, potentially include as part of the ceremony.

Despite attendee numbers being much lower than an average wedding size of, say, 90-120 guests, engagement levels are MUCH higher, so creating an inclusive space for your VIP’s is integral to a micro wedding’s success.

From the perspective of Shannon Jeans (legendary celebrant), there is a huge difference in the way each of these types of ceremonies are written and conducted.

So what’s the trick to these intimate occasions?

There is absolutely no denying that micro weddings can be the most magical of experiences. Still, the truth is, if they’re not executed with care and expertise, they can go from romantic and intimate to dead-set awkward in a heartbeat.

To avoid the uncomfortable vibes, here are some of Shannon’s top tips:

Be sure to engage experienced and suitable suppliers! And when I say experienced, I mean experienced at the intimate gigs. One of the main differences between a larger wedding and an intimate one is there is nowhere to hide!

Your celebrant plays an absolutely integral role in creating and holding the space and environment for you to be you. A good one will know when to take the lead and when to step aside and let the romance and intimacy of the moment take over. Experience makes for a better experience.

This goes for selecting photographers, videographers and musicians too! No one wants their photographer, videographer or musician in their grill to the point that they spoil the moment, and on the other side of the coin, missed opportunities and a lack of empathy and emotion would be super upsetting too. You deserve more. An experienced photographer, videographer or musician will get the balance just right!

Photographer extraordinaire Dan Brannan loves that micro ceremonies allow more time for his couples to connect with the VIPs in their life.  When done right, they are less formal and more fun – and leave more time for him to capture the intimate interactions of your closest family and friends.

There can be huge advantages from a budgeting perspective also.  This may surprise you, but catering for over 100 people very quickly adds up! Not to mention 100 chairs, knives, forks etc.  We have found that couples are enjoying directing their budget into a more highly styled event. Splashing on feature items, high-quality menu selections and top-shelf drink options!

A quick side note, though; some suppliers, such as photographers, celebrants and hair and make-up artists, will often charge on a ‘required time’ basis. Whether you are delivering a wedding to 20, 100 or 300 people, the time required to prepare and deliver is often the same or very similar.

Ultimately, micro ceremonies give you so much scope to do you. The location you choose, the outfits you wear, and the tunes you select add to the vibe you create.

Never forget, your micro ceremony is celebrating you, so it should reflect and be all about you! Don’t be afraid to think outside the perceived square and bring you into every aspect. And if you don’t know quite how to execute your vision, share your thoughts with your trusted team and let us create it for you.

Micro ceremonies are minimum guests, maximum love.  It’s actually that simple.



Looking for more inspiration for a style-filled soiree teeny in size but epic in imagination? Check out Adel & Sam’s incredible elopement for a day to truly delight.



Styling: PopUp With Style

Celebrant: Shannon Jeans

Photography: Dan Brannan

Florist: Poppy Culture

Hair and make-up: Lovestruck Agency

Stationery & signage: The Parker Effect

Hire: Peninsula Party Hire, Marquee Monkeys

Decor items: Barefoot Gypsy

Fashion: Spell at Aurelia

Suit: Oscar Hunt

Linen: Simmons Linen

Catering & bar: Margaret & Rita’s


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