Your personal wedding film premiere experience with Directors Edge
Your personal wedding film premiere experience with Directors Edge
Your personal wedding film premiere experience with Directors Edge
Your personal wedding film premiere experience with Directors Edge

Your personal wedding film premiere experience with Directors Edge


Consider this, the magic that unfolded on your wedding day – the laughter, the tears, the speeches, the stolen glances – all set for the big screen, making you the stars of your own dream movie moment.


Why settle for viewing your wedding film for the first time on a mobile or computer, when it’s truly made for something far bigger?


We were so excited to come across this great new offering from talented videographer Glen of Directors Edge – who is giving couples the chance at an experience like no other with an exclusive film premiere of their big day.


Re-living your wedding on the big screen, whether it’s with your loved one, wedding party, parents or guests, is the perfect follow-up celebration and a way to keep that just-married magic well and truly alive.


Whether you’re based in the Yarra Valley, country Victoria or oceanside – re-live your day in the best way possible with some of the best in the biz.


Read more about it here.



When it comes to selecting suppliers for your big day, you may have given thought to videography – the carefully considered art form that takes your memories and brings them to life for years to come.


Glen of Directors Edge is truly passionate about this craft and has hundreds of happy couples thankful for his documentation of their dream day.


However, it doesn’t end there.


For Glen, the magic of the moments he spends capturing are testament to how you felt, who was present and why this day often remains one of your life-long treasured memories.


Your finished film will be something you will likely watch over and over, however Glen has brought something a little extra to your wedding day experience by offering a private screening of your very own wedding day film!


But, how does it all work?




This is an experience like no other! Re-live your day as it happened with a private screening of all the magic. Featuring your ceremony, speeches and unseen moments, you can watch it alongside your lover, your bridal party, parents, or even guests who may not have been able to attend your day.

Directors Edge has exclusively partnered with some of the wedding industry’s finest to bring your Premiere Experience to life, no matter where you’re based. Simply re-live your day in the best way possible.


The Premiere Experience includes:

* Your Directors Edge Documentary Wedding Film (40-90 minutes of uninterrupted viewing).

* Under the stars cinema setup and surround sound.

* Exclusive private access with their partners for your premiere night.

* Scrumptious light refreshments and some beverages.

* Seating, styling and florals.

Keep in mind, your film Premiere Experience can be tailored to you, so be sure to reach out and work with Glen for an experience you will long remember.





What better way to gain insight into the experience than from a couple who has experienced it themselves?


Ames, you decided to surprise your wife Ash with your own film premiere screening – how did she take the surprise?


As we drove up the gravel drive of the Log Cabin Ranch, I could hear the nerves in Ash’s voice as she said, “where are we?!”. Knowing me, she knew she was in for something.

The moment I removed the blindfold and she saw what was in front of her, she was overcome with emotion as tears streamed down her face. A surreal moment – not knowing what was going on  – and then the laughter, realising that she was standing in front of our cinematographer Glen, followed by a massive hug and more tears.


I feel it is safe to say, she took the surprise very well considering she absolutely hates surprises as they make her incredibly anxious.


How did you pull it all off? 


It was the thought of being able to surprise my wife for our first anniversary with more Directors Edge magic. I wanted to re-live the day and when the concept was presented to me, I was absolutely in! There were months of being in secret cahoots between Kate Haley (our celebrant), Glen of Directors Edge and myself. Code SMS’, deleting all traces of correspondence and banning Ash from using my office, just in case a message came through, then finally the day came – it was go-time!


A week or so prior to the big night (once we had locked in the evening amongst the post-lockdown laws), I casually told Ash that I had managed to book a table for a much belated anniversary dinner. However, being so busy due to everyone finally having a taste of freedom, the only table I could secure was outdoors, so I told her to rug-up, bring the mozzie repellent and dress the part, as we were going to a nice restaurant.


About five minutes from the destination, I pulled over the car to “check directions” and stated that I had forgotten something, as I proceeded to pull out a blindfold from my back pocket.




What was the best part about the whole process for you both?


The best part of the whole process was being able to pull off a surprise that brought the same kind of emotion that I was overcome with when I first saw my wife walk down the aisle.


Being able to give my wife an evening where the whole world paused and revolved around her, around us – we were truly in own little love bubble oasis. An opportunity to stop, to just be, to forget the struggles of the year and be 100% us, in the same way we were when we stood before each other at the altar.


How did it feel seeing your precious wedding day memories played in large format? Were you excited, nervous?


My heart was racing, it had been 11 months of build up to this moment. It played out over and over in my head, how I would feel seeing all our favourite moments on the big screen? It was like living our wedding day all over again!


There was a lot of laughter, followed by tears, followed by more laughter, and more tears. The whole experience was second only to the day itself. I got to marry the woman of my dreams, and experience all the emotions that go with it.




Did it feel rather emotional being able to partake in something so intimate, yet so moving? 


It was truly one of the most amazing feelings. Ash and I had a bit of a rough first year of marriage with some personal struggles. She was my absolute rock through it all, so prior to the screening of our wedding film, I had Glen make a ‘Thank You’ film, dedicated to Ash.


Being able to surprise her with the film and all the raw emotion that came with it was something magical. I loved making her feel like the most special person in the world and being able to show her how much she means to me and how much I love her. I will cherish that moment, along with our wedding day, for the rest of my life.


What do you love about Glen and working with him?


Working with Glen is honestly one of the easiest experiences, I was completely at ease knowing he had everything covered. But he didn’t just have the Premiere Experience covered, he blew it completely out of the water and totally exceeded my expectations… and then some!


Glen is the most talented storyteller I know, and with a dream in my head for the film side of things, he manages to bring the goods, time and time again.


It takes true talent to create something so magical. The experience was completely flawless, Glen is truly an amazing person to work with.


Why might you recommend other couples consider taking this up as an anniversary celebration, post-wedding party, or otherwise?


On your wedding day, everything goes so fast. We all know it will, because everyone tells us it will, and it does.


The day is gone in the blink of an eye, and once it’s over you just wish you could go back and re-live it all over again.


I didn’t expect this surprise to have such an impact on us both. Seeing sides to the wedding prep that you missed, people busting out wicked dance moves as they partied the night away, there’s so much you miss. The emotion of watching this all on a big screen is like having a second wedding day, with calm instead of chaos and sheer love, joy and laughter replacing any nerves.


It’s a magical experience that you’ll spend a lifetime trying to top as the best date night out and I could not recommend it highly enough to anyone considering it. Just do it, you will not regret it!



Blown away? So are we. Glen is not only a master of his craft, but so invested in his couples and the emotional experience from start to finish.


If COVID has curbed your plans and you’re keen on a way to make your wedding day magic come alive once more, have a special anniversary on the approach, or simply want the chance to share your love with your loved one, all over again – we suggest you give Glen a call.  He will be ready to answer your questions and get set to make you the star of your very own picture-perfect moments.


Visit Directors Edge on our directory here.

Premiere viewing investment package: starting from $1500

If you’d also like to see Amy and Ashleigh’s incredible celebration of their love and what they relived during their Premiere Experience, be sure to check out their incredible wedding day video by Directors Edge.



Photography: Ada and Ivy Photography

Venue: Log Cabin Ranch

Styling: Always Eventive

Grazing goodness: Brides Who Brunch

Florals: Debbie O’Neill

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