Champagne towers!
Champagne towers!
Champagne towers!
Champagne towers!

Champagne towers!

Photo: Tess Follett


If you’re looking to inject some flair into your celebration and make it a little luxe, we’re loving the look of champagne towers, which also happen to be a helluva lot of fun.

We’re noticing that champagne towers is a trend at weddings that’s been bubbling for a few years now, and it’s easy to see why. They make for great photos, let your guests know the party has started and can be used in lieu of a wedding cake if sweet treats are not your thing.

What is involved in a champagne tower you ask? Well, champagne of course, so when looking at pricing, stick to a bottle of bubbles within your budget. You will also need coupe glasses – which you can hire, or if you wish to source them, check out Facebook Marketplace, vintage shops/opportunity shop or places such as Ikea. A sturdy table is also required and a drip tray will absolutely help in preventing a mess.

Need a step by step when it comes to building it? Here’s some help.

Ultimately have some fun with it, and here are some photos of some fabulous champagne towers we’ve featured to get you inspired.



Emily & Luke – Photo: Tess Follett


Nicole & Dean – Photo: The Love Archives


Kate & Brad – Photo: Lou Lou Memphis


Ash & Joe – Photo: Tessa Shannon


Kara & Max – Photo: Fern & Stone Photography


Gabi & Matthew – Photo: Lou Lou Memphis


Lauren & Chris – Photo: Ali Bailey


Anita & Terry – Photo: Quint Photography


Kaitlyn & Luke – Photo: Free the Bird Photography


Mariah & Lachy – Photo: Lisa Hayman


Leish & Dan – Photo: Eliza Tate


Stefan & Alex – Photo: Tess Follett


One of the most common wishes of a couple from their dream day is for their guests to have FUN! Creating ambience and atmosphere on your wedding day in some cases – is something that happens naturally, but there are certainly some ways in which you can help things along. We’ve taken advice from some of our talented Tribe, who are experts in their field, and are here to help with creating the ultimate wedding ambience.

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