Create your own wedding magazine with MILK Books
Create your own wedding magazine with MILK Books
Create your own wedding magazine with MILK Books
Create your own wedding magazine with MILK Books

Create your own wedding magazine with MILK Books


After investing time, money and emotional energy to create the wedding celebration of your dreams – it makes sense that you would want to be able to call upon the memories and re-live the moments time and time again.

We have recently discovered a new creative and contemporary option for celebrating your wedding memories through carefully-crafted wedding magazines, brought to life by MILK Books.

What could be better – you and your significant other, starring as the main characters of your very own modern and elegant keepsake to treasure for years to come? Their process is seamless, the product of the highest quality, and our favourite part? You can include copy in your magazine – think vows, readings or special memorable moments you want to have preserved – genius.

This new take on wedding albums is a breath of fresh air, and we’ve got all the juicy details for you here – including a special Ivory Tribe reader offer for your own chance to have your precious wedding day photos reimagined.



What is a wedding magazine, you ask? Here’s the low-down!

Quite simply, the MILK Wedding Magazine is a way to celebrate your wedding day, in a contemporary way.  A tangible keepsake of all your wedding memories that looks great on your coffee table, while you relive your day over and over again.

Your bespoke magazine is carefully curated and crafted by you and will house all your most magical memories. It’s also a breeze to create. Simply visit the Wedding Magazine page on, select your page count (you can change this later), upload your own photos and start designing in MILK’s online Design Studio. And, with MILK’s stunning cover templates, elegant typeface and designer image layouts, your magazine will look and feel like a professionally designed editorial.




Number of images you can include. 

The beauty of the MILK Wedding Magazine is you can show off your favourite and best images from your day and their magazines are available in 100-200 pages. Their layout templates offer 1 to 24 images per double page spread. While in theory you could feature up to 2,400 photos, if you’re looking to create a clean and modern design aesthetic, they recommend fewer images per spread to let your favourite photos shine. Though at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and their magazines allow for this.



Layout and design & photo selection.

It’s time to get designing! Once you’ve uploaded your wedding photos to the MILK Design Studio you’ll find hundreds of image templates to help you start designing. All templates have been put together by their design atelier to help make designing your project as easy as possible – whilst ensuring a premium, modern finish. Need a hand choosing the perfect template and layout, MILK offer some handy tips.

For those short on time, they also have an autofill function where you can select the number of images you’d like across each spread. Their smart layout engine will then roll that out across your magazine, selecting the image templates to best suit the orientations of your images – see, they really make it a breeze!



What about text?

Absolutely text can be included. In the MILK Design Studio they offer hundreds of designer layouts so newlyweds can design each spread exactly how they’d like; many of these layouts include text boxes. Bring your love story to life by including your wedding vows, special song lyrics or quotes, a reading from your ceremony or even a speech that tugged at the heart strings.


Is one copy ever enough? 

Trust us when we say, one copy of your very own MILK Wedding Magazine probably isn’t enough. If you’re looking for a great gift for parents, in-laws or your wedding party or even want to have multiple copies for yourself dotted around your home, then MILK allow multiple copies to be printed. Offering bundle pricing for those wanting to print 3 copies or more, you don’t have to duplicate copies of the same magazine – you are welcome to create a series of magazines that cover everything. From your engagement, pre-wedding celebrations, ceremony and reception and honeymoon, you can still take advantage of their bulk pricing. It’s the gift that keep on giving!



Quality of print and paper stock.

Your magazine will feature vibrant 6-color printing. Put simply, this means that in addition to the standard 4-color CMYK (which is typical or industry standard for most commercial printers) there are another two lighter shades of cyan and magenta. When printing, ink is applied to the paper as tiny dots and because 6-color has more inks to work with (six versus four), the end result is more realistic with lifelike color and dimension. All MILK products are digitally printed using the best technology available to ensure high quality, long-lasting results.

In terms of paper, all paper stock used across the MILK range is archival quality (meaning the paper will not decompose or discolour with age), acid-free, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They’re conscious of their impact on the world so all materials used don’t have a negative impact on the planet. Wedding Magazines are crafted with a textured matt card cover and matt white paper for a smooth, natural finish.



Other products MILK offer.

MILK doesn’t just do wedding magazines in fact they’re well known for their albums and photo books, finding that their Premium Photo Books and Premium Photo Albums are most popular with newlyweds looking to create a memento of their celebrations. Where they differ from the MILK Wedding Magazine is that these products are handcrafted with durable hardcovers that come in a range of covers fabrics including linen, leather and vegan leather. Once again, they don’t compromise on quality offering different paper types and finishes depending on the final result you’re after – from a timeless look, satin sheen to make your imagery vibrant or a more subdued finish in matt – they will help you create the ultimate in luxury memory keeping.



Ivory Tribe readers have the opportunity to pre-purchase the most popular MILK wedding products at up to 40% off (including 25% off the Wedding Magazine), click here for your special discount. 

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