Real Wedding – Alex & Jamie, Red Hill VIC
Real Wedding – Alex & Jamie, Red Hill VIC
Real Wedding – Alex & Jamie, Red Hill VIC
Real Wedding – Alex & Jamie, Red Hill VIC

Real Wedding – Alex & Jamie, Red Hill VIC

After several postponements and plan shifts, Alex and Jamie set out to showcase the talents of their local vendors in a micro-wedding to wow. Breathtakingly crafted styling curated with subtle artistry creates a look of sheer contemporary elegance – the perfect canvas for this sweet chapter of Alex and Jamie’s love story to unfold.

The perfect person to tell this story was celebrant legend Megan Thompson, who felt more like a friend than anything else for Alex and Jamie – the perfect vibe for an intimate ceremony small on numbers but huge on feels.

It wasn’t only their electric energy that shone through the legendary lens of photographer Motta Weddings, but the stunning style that surrounded these two sweethearts. From ghost chairs to transparent pillars to shimmering spans of fairy lights and bountiful clouds of blossoms, every delicate detail was perfectly balanced to create an oasis of calm and beauty.

Central to it all was, of course, our couple. Jamie cuts a classically chic figure in his tux, while Alex is a glowing goddess in her Chosen by Kyha gown, a vision of softly sparkled beading and barely-there layers of chiffon. The overall look is a divine dream.

Once the two said their I Do’s, it was time for party masters Hey Jack to amp things up, kicking off with a fab first dance and a soundtrack filled with personal touches. As the sun sets on these celebrations, it’s clear the memories and the smiles will shine on. Scroll on to see this stunning celebration in full.

The meeting.

Alex: Jamie and I met in Adelaide roughly 12 years ago. Adelaide is my hometown, and Jamie lived there whilst studying at uni. The first time we met was at a festival, and we only had a brief conversation. It’s crazy to me now to think that was the only interaction we had whilst living there, as we found out later that we only lived two minutes away from each other. It wasn’t until nearly six years later we would meet again and start dating whilst both living in Melbourne. It was fate.


The ‘one’.

Alex: There wasn’t really one moment for either one of us, but I thought he was very special after our first date. Though Jamie always jokes that he thinks I knew I’d found the one when I met his dog Stella – and that she is my one true love!


The proposal.

Alex: Jamie proposed on 30th December 2019 – little did we know what would play out when 2020 began two days later and that it would be 872 days until we would have our wedding.

Adelaide is a very special place for both of us; it was where we met and where my family lives. Jamie knows how important family is to me, so wanted to propose there so I could celebrate with them. I’m very grateful he proposed when he did, as we didn’t get to see my dad for nearly 800 days after that, as he was working overseas.

I nearly ruined the proposal. It was a very hot day, our last in Adelaide, and Jamie was adamant that we go for a walk – however, I was tired and thought it was too hot and didn’t want to go, but he insisted, so I reluctantly went. It was very simple but perfect – we went on a walk we always like to go on with my family and were reminiscing, and he got down on one knee.

After I got over the initial shock, my first question was around how he managed to get a ring without me suspecting anything. It turns out a few cricket practices he said he was going to didn’t happen.


Planning process.

Alex: Planning a wedding during a pandemic is not ideal, and as a result, I feel like I have planned multiple. We were initially set to get married in April 2021, then September 2021, then September 2022, and finally, the day we went ahead with was 20th May, 2022.

Whilst two of our changes in dates weren’t by choice (thank you, COVID-19), we made the decision in April 2022 to bring our wedding date forward to May – after I found out the news that two of my bridesmaids were pregnant and due very close to the date we had set in September.

So, after waiting for years for our day, we ended up having to rush and do a lot of the planning in the six weeks prior. Due to this, we decided to turn our wedding into a micro wedding, downsizing our guest list from 100 people to 43. We were lucky to have an amazing group of suppliers who were so accommodating and just made the process so easy.


Style inspiration. 

We both live on the Mornington Peninsula, so it was important to us to use as many local suppliers as we could and have our wedding here. From the start, I wanted the day to be elegant, romantic, intimate, and cozy (especially moving it to May).

One of my friends described our wedding when she walked in as feeling like a big hug, and I think that sums up my brief perfectly.

My phone is filled with so many screenshots from blogs and Instagram. I think what was helpful was by doing that, I was very early able to realise that I subconsciously knew what style and look I wanted to achieve. I had so much fun looking through photos of other people’s weddings and getting ideas.


The ceremony.

It was just 43 of our closest family and friends in the cutest little church in Red Hill. A few of our visitors had never been to Red Hill, so It was so nice to have them in the place that is so special to us. After waiting so long to finally have our ceremony, it was just the best feeling.


The look. 

Jamie always knew he wanted the classic look of a black tux, white shirt and bow tie; for him, being so tall, the hardest part was finding a jacket that was long enough. Joe Black was absolutely perfect for that, and he hardly had to make any alterations to the tux, which was also handy.

Finding the perfect dress for me was a bit more challenging; I got a bit excited and made appointments for a lot of different bridal stores. I always thought I would want a traditional white dress, but when I started looking, I quickly realised that white wasn’t for me, and I wanted something a little bit different. The dress I picked is so perfect, and I can’t get over the beading on it.

I think I loved my shoes just as much; once I got the dress, I knew I wanted something to complement the sparkles.


Favourite moments.

For both of us, it was the ceremony and seeing each other’s faces as I walked down the aisle and then looking around at all our closest family and friends in the same room, all beaming back at us. I really wanted to do a first look, and Jamie was adamant he didn’t want to, and I am so glad we waited until we walked down the aisle.


Meaning of marriage.

Being there to support your best friend through life.


Wedding soundtrack.

Jamie and I both love to belt out Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran songs and so we thought it would be fun to include them somehow in our wedding day. In addition, growing up, my favourite movie was The Parent Trap, and I always loved the songs in it, so that’s where we got the idea for our post-ceremony and first dance songs from.

Aisle: Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran (performed live by Bails from Hey Jack)

Signing: 10,000 Hours by Justin Bieber (performed live by Bails from Hey Jack)

The kiss: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles (performed live by Bails from Hey Jack)

Reception entry: Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

First dance: LOVE by Nat King Cole


Funny stories or near disasters.

The night before the wedding, at about 10.30pm, my maid of honour, who had flown over, discovered make-up had leaked in her bag, and there was the biggest dark brown/red stain in the front and middle of her white silk dress. Luckily, the Airbnb we were in had a fully stocked laundry, and after a few minutes of panic and soaking it, we were able to get it out!

The boys also went out for dinner the night before the wedding, and two of the groomsman and Jamie all got food poisoning. Luckily, they didn’t tell me until after the wedding.


Planning surprises.

I have planned a lot of events in the past for work, so I thought I would easily be able to plan an event. But I was surprised at how much I wanted help. I think that’s why it is so important that you take the time to invest in finding the absolute best suppliers that you feel you can work well with.


Words of wisdom.

Even if you think you know what you are doing, invest in a stylist at the beginning of the process, at the very least, an on-the-day stylist. I only started working with Cloth and Confetti only about five weeks before my wedding, and I can’t tell you enough how much I regret not working with them sooner.

Do what makes you happy, and don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion.

A great photographer is worth every cent.

If you are considering whether to do a micro wedding, do it! I was so hesitant and wish I had planned one from the start – you get to spend so much more time with all of your loved ones.

Don’t stress about the small things – your day is going to be amazing!




For another captivatingly curated micro-wedding with a slightly different flavour, check out Jude and Matthew’s gorgeous Nagambie celebrations, here on the blog.



Paringa Estate, where we had our reception, is Jamie’s family winery – started by his dad Lindsay and where Jamie grew up. Jamie is currently the winemaker there. It was so special to us to be able to have our wedding there.

Ceremony venue:  The Old Church, Red Hill – the cutest hidden gem in Red Hill, highly recommended.

Reception venue: Paringa Estate.

Celebrant: Megan Thompson. We met with a few celebrants, but none stood out to us like Megan did. She was so kind, and it was like talking to an old friend. She made the process so easy and is just the best.

Photography: Motta Weddings (Alex Motta). The best in the business. Alex is so patient, kind and talented and creative. He was so fun to be around, and so many of our guests commented on him. We can’t thank him enough.

Styling: Cloth & Confetti. I used to plan events as part of my job and thought I knew what I was doing, and I was adamant I didn’t need a stylist. After already moving our wedding multiple times in April, we decided to move our wedding to just six weeks from where we were. After doing that, I had a what have you done moment and admitted I needed help and approached Jazmine, who I had been following for years on Instagram. From the moment I walked in the door, the stress I felt came off me from speaking to her. I wish I had spoken to her earlier; her creativity was exceptional, and knowing she was there on the day coordinating everything helped me to relax and just enjoy the day.

Florist: Poppy Culture. I started following Poppy Culture before I even got engaged. I think I got more compliments on the flowers than I did on any other aspect of the wedding. No matter what I said to them, they just seemed to get it and get my vision. They made the day so easy, and I can’t thank them enough, in particular Steph, who was just the best.

Hair: Alisha Henderson

Make-up: Katie Winkler

The dress & veil: Chosen by Kyha

Earrings: Amelie George

Shoes: Alex – Badgley Mischka, Jamie – Aquilla.

Rings: Both our wedding bands and my engagement ring came from Simon West.

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Hexie. The best quality bridesmaid dresses  I have come across – all my friends were so obsessed with them.

Suits: Jamie’s was from Joe Black, and the groomsmen were from Oxford

Catering: Paringa Estate – Jamies dad’s winery

Favours: Personalised cocktails from Three Foxes

Cake: The Butcher’s Daughters Cakes – the most beautiful and delicious cake I have ever seen. Our guests kept going back for seconds, thirds and even forth. It was white chocolate with Biscoff crème filling. Hannah is so talented.

Stationery / Signage: State of Elliott

Entertainment: Bails from Hey Jack

Transport: Family Friend’s Car – 1938 Buick

Décor: Cloth & Confetti (the candles, the linen and numbers). The neon sign was from Event Neon.

Hire: Ghost chairs were from Mux Events

Honeymoon: We are planning a honeymoon for later this year, but the location is still to be decided.

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