Real Wedding – Cass & Ben, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Cass & Ben, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Cass & Ben, Melbourne VIC
Real Wedding – Cass & Ben, Melbourne VIC

Real Wedding – Cass & Ben, Melbourne VIC


Striking a balance between modern and industrial, Cass and Ben took in the gorgeous city and river views as they wed in magical Melbourne.

There’s nothing more stunning than a bride that feels beautiful and that is exactly the way that Cass felt and looked in her Grace Loves Lace gown. It’s no wonder.

And while there was a minor fainting disaster mid ceremony (you will have to scroll on to read all about it) they did not let this effect their day and instead composed themselves for an incredible evening ahead.

Jackson Grant captured all the love and loveliness of this sweet day.



In their words…


The meeting.

We met at a friends birthday party by the bonfire one night. I had just turned 19 years old and he had just returned from the military…. (hello soldier!!!) We were instantly drawn to one another and spent the night talking!


The proposal.

We went to Byron Bay for a little getaway over New Years. On New Year’s Eve (day) at 4.45am he woke me up suddenly, and said “quick, Cass, I want to take you somewhere!” He drove me to Tallows beach, where he had set up blankets and doonas, and our favourite acoustic music was playing. We lay on the beach for half an hour laughing and chatting before he nervously pulled the beautiful ring out of his pocket and onto my finger. He asked and I said REALLY?  It was the happiest morning of my life!!! We boogied the night away at the Beach Hotel with our friends and family that night! What an end to the year!


The process.

The lead up to the big day was 96% Cass’ work of art. I had one job (and I nailed it)… and I also take credit for finding the venue YEAH boom, but Cass, as always took to the spread sheets and she really did plan the most amazing day – pretty much entirely on her own. She would ask me what I liked here and there… but as we shared such a similar vision for the big day, there wasn’t anything Cass chose that I didn’t love!

I LOVED every second of planning our wedding. Being an organisational freak and OCD planner, I had so much fun making bookings, doing tastings, sourcing outfits, vendors and of course meeting all of the beautiful people who were going to make our day such a success. I can’t say I was one bit stressed throughout the nine month lead-up – until the week of the wedding….. and that, well we don’t need to talk about that now do we?


Style inspiration.

Both Ben and I love the idea of building a shipping container house in the future. Funnily enough, this was partly the inspiration for the style of our wedding. We love industrial/modern/dark buildings and we always imagined we would get married in a warehouse or big old building! When we were unable to source the perfect building – we found ‘‘The Decks’ at the Boat Builders’ Yard… it was a perfect mix of modern and industrial with a gorgeous city and river view.


The dress.

For three years I have been totally in love with Grace Loves Lace. After visiting several bridal stores in Melbourne CBD and having NO luck at all in finding a dress that was my style – I booked a flight to the Gold Coast and took my mum, my Maid of Honour and my boss to Grace Loves Lace. I found my dream dress, the Alexandra. My mum cried when I put it on.

The Alexandra was everything AND MORE. I was so comfortable in it, I felt really beautiful and I had the best day of my life wearing it. I’ve never been one to look in the mirror and be SO happy with how I look – so I’m so thankful to the girls at Grace Loves Lace for the beautiful experience it was finding my wedding dress and making it fit me so perfectly.


Favourite moments.

Our favourite moment of the day was at 8.30pm, sitting at the bridal table watching our bridal party and family give speeches.


Meaning of marriage.

Before getting married Ben and I read a book called ‘Sacred Marriage’. In the book it talks about marriage being designed to make you holy rather than happy. As Christians, we believe that God designed marriage to be a sacred, intimate relationship, where two become one. We learnt going into marriage that it wasn’t all about us. It’s all about our creator. The quote: “a spiritually alive marriage will remain a marriage of two individuals in pursuit of a common vision outside themselves” is so beautiful to us. It reminds us that not only does marriage require a radical commitment to love our spouses as they are, while longing for them to become what they are not yet… but it reminds us to love God first, before each other – and to have a greater mission and heart to serve him and his Kingdom.


Wedding soundtrack.

Aisle: Surprise Yourself by Jackson Garrat

Reception entrance: Resolution by Matt Corby

First dance: Come away with me by Norah Jones.


Funny stories (or near disasters).

You (the reader) probably will not even believe me when I tell this story, but yes there were a couple of disasters on the day.

About half an hour into the ceremony – my beautiful bridesmaid went down!!!! I know!!!! WHAT!!! I could hear my bridesmaids talking and I thought to myself how rude… why are they speaking through the service… and I looked back to see that one of them had fainted! The poor girl! My Dad and a few others from the crowd rushed up to the stage to help her – I instantly felt SICK. I was so worried about her and so confused as to whether we keep going with the ceremony or we pause the wedding! All 120 people were staring at me like ohhhh no…. I looked to Ben for re-assurance or for some sort of answer and before I knew it I began to feel super dizzy and unwell….. and then, I fainted too. I KNOW you think this is some sort of joke but anyone that knows me knows I am a serial fainter. I have fainted about 12 times before in the past few years…. some call me the stress fainter!

ANYWAY, some say it makes for a brilliant story – but they weren’t carried out of their wedding service mid-ceremony by their husband to be (yep we weren’t married at this stage)!!!!

I was so embarrassed and when I came to outside I opened my eyes, looked at my ring finger and said “We’re not married yet? BEN we need to get back in there!” Ha ha!

To be honest, I have since dealt with the emotions of it all and now I am able to laugh at it. What you picture for your whole life to be the perfect day, sometimes isn’t. But that’s life!

The rest of the day was absolutely amazing and our friends, families and vendors were so kind and supportive. I’m so thankful.


Words of wisdom.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – start planning early and avoid last minute jobs!!! Enjoy every second of it and make sure you have people to help you on the day so that you can have the time of your life!



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Ceremony venue / location: Essendon Church of Christ

Reception venue / location: The Boat Builders Yard

Celebrant/Officiant: Grant Taylor (Ben’s Dad)

Photography: Jackson Grant Weddings

Videography: Tie The Knot Wedding Films by Ben Nicholas

Styling: The Small Things Co

Florist: Jennifer Walter

Hair: Hair by Leesa

Make-up: Makeup by Nicole

The dress: The Alexandra, by Grace Loves Lace

Shoes: Betts

Rings: Michael Hill

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Shona Joy

Menswear: Rhodes & Beckett, Industrie and YD

Catering: The Boat Builders Yard

Cake / Cake topper: Cakes by Subha

Stationery / Signage: Kirsty Lief

Entertainment: Acoustics by Jackson Smith

Décor: The Small Things Co

Honeymoon: New Zealand, van trip of the south island!

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