Real Wedding – Danielle & Jason, Downtown Las Vegas USA
Real Wedding – Danielle & Jason, Downtown Las Vegas USA
Real Wedding – Danielle & Jason, Downtown Las Vegas USA
Real Wedding – Danielle & Jason, Downtown Las Vegas USA

Real Wedding – Danielle & Jason, Downtown Las Vegas USA


On this occasion, what happened in Vegas hasn’t exactly stayed there. Danielle and Jason lived out their wedding dreams when just a handful of their favourite people made the trip to one of the world’s most iconic cities to celebrate their love.

Inspired by Downtown Las Vegas, this fun-filled and lively celebration saw old-world glamour mix with gorgeous grunge and just the right amount of Vegas ‘trash’, of course, with an important cameo by the King himself, Mr Presley.

The party went for days – and it sure was one to remember.

Tribe talent Michael Briggs made the trip across to complete and photograph their perfect party. See how it unfolded here.


In their words…


The meeting.

We met through Bumble and had our first date at Arbory Bar on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne.


The ‘one’.

Danielle – For me, it was our second date. I remember thinking that I finally understood the expression, “when you know, you know”.

Jason – There was no one specific moment for me – from the start things were great – and they just keep getting better.


The proposal.

On the one year anniversary of our first date, after we had arrived home from dinner, I walked into our bedroom to see our bed covered in rose petals (he had his friend come over whilst we were out of the house). I turned around to see Jason on one knee holding a ring.

He had bought a placeholder ring to propose because he wanted me to pick my own and he didn’t want to try and get clues and the give the game away. I cried, and obviously said yes.


The process.

We had always agreed if we ever got married that we would do it in Vegas. We wanted a small, fun wedding and Vegas was perfect for this.

Having the wedding in Las Vegas meant that everyone stayed in the same hotel – the Golden Nugget (they have a waterslide that runs through a shark tank! The kids who came to the wedding loved it.). It became like a four-day festival with the wedding on the last day. All our guests got to know each other and socialised, so by the wedding day they were all like old friends.


Style inspiration.

Downtown Las Vegas as a backdrop really informed the style. A little old-world glamour mixed with just the right amount of Las Vegas trash.


The look.

Oddly enough, I Googled ‘Las Vegas wedding dress’, and a photoshoot featuring the stunning Anna Campbell Sydney dress came up.

As soon as I was the dress online, I knew it was the one – the cut was stunning, the ability to customise using the undergarment was perfect for the hot climate in the Las Vegas desert and it hit the mark with glamour/trash as it’s completely see-through, but covered in sequins.

I bought my shoes from Aldo the day before the wedding on sale for $20USD and my earrings were the longest, most sparkly pair I could find in Lovisa. I also wore and antique pearl and aquamarine vintage bracelet given to me by my mother as my ‘something old, borrowed and blue’.


Favourite moments.

Straight after the ceremony, Jason and I went and had tattoos done and after this, we headed to a really cool dive bar with our maid of honour, best man, photographer and videographer. We grabbed a drink and watched back the Facebook live stream of the ceremony that the chapel had already posted. The moment as we watched ourselves get married was great – to just take a breath and spend some time with each other. Nothing was rushed on our day and we both loved this. We felt relaxed and enjoyed spending lots of time together.

I also loved our first look – it was so nice to have the moment we first saw each other to be a little more intimate. The first look happened in front of a giant fish tank in the foyer of the Golden Nugget Hotel. Hilariously, there was a scuba diver in the tank cleaning it at the time and you can just make him out in the photos.


Meaning of marriage.

Marriage is important to us both as the beginning or a foundation to build our lives on.


Wedding soundtrack.

The only two songs which were played at our wedding were sung by Elvis. As he walked me down the aisle he sung “Can’t help falling in love with you” and straight after he announced we were married, he launched into “Viva Las Vegas”. All the guests danced and sung to both, it was very special.


Funny stories (or near disasters).

Jason really ‘did’ Vegas with his mates and the day before, he got quite sick and had to spend the entire day in bed.

On the day of the wedding, I had a show malfunction, which the videographer, Glen AKA-Macguyver, managed to fix using a microphone sticker.

Our vows were pretty funny, we promised to “never leave each other at Heartbreak Hotel” and to be each other’s “Hunk-a-hunk-a-burning love”.


Planning surprises.

How inexpensive Las Vegas weddings are – and how much you get for your money.


Words of wisdom.

Do lots of research. There are so many options in Vegas – you can even get married in Denny’s if that’s your things – everything is able to be customised. And always ask for a deal.


Last words.

Our two vendors from Australia (Michael Briggs and Glen from Directors Edge), really made the day special for us. The Las Vegas vendors were great too, but it was amazing spending the day with two Aussies.





Destination dreaming? Zoe and Harry opted for an elegant New York celebration – see it here.



Ceremony venue / location: Graceland Wedding Chapel, followed by tattoos at Downtown Tattoo

Reception venue / location: Informal dinner at La Comida Mexican  drinks before and after dinner at Atomic Liquor.

Celebrant/Officiant: Elvis Presley, obviously.

Photography: Mick from Michael Briggs Photography did everything from calming me down when I got a little nervous, to having us both in fits of laughter throughout our portraits. Mick was like a conductor, he made sure the day was perfectly structured but still laid back. The photos he took of us are just beautiful – I love that we look like the very vest version of ourselves in them.

Videography: Glen from Directors Edge – Glen was the perfect addition and complemented Mick’s style perfectly.

Florist: Graceland Wedding Chapel

Hair and makeup: Smooth Brides, Las Vegas

The Dress: Anna Campbell – Sydney Dress.

Shoes: Aldo

Rings: Michael Hill Jewellers

Bridesmaid’s dress: Bariano Australia

Meanswear: Jackets purchased at Myer,  Groom’s shirt from Pinto Ranch, Las Vegas.

Stationery / Signage: We created a Facebook event

Transport: Supplied by Graceland Wedding Chapel (to the venue and to get tattoos). We used Uber to get around Vegas after that on the day of the wedding.

Décor: The beautiful downtown Las Vegas didn’t need it.

Honeymoon: Following the wedding we went to Nashville, Austin, LA and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.



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