Top Ceremony Set Ups
Top Ceremony Set Ups
Top Ceremony Set Ups
Top Ceremony Set Ups

Top Ceremony Set Ups


Ah, the all-important wedding ceremony; boy, did we witness some sweet setups throughout the last year. We are so excited to see couples bring just as much wow-factor to their wedding ceremony as their reception with neon signs, serious petal power, amazing arbours and more!

Keep scrolling for our top tips on nailing your ceremony situation and a highlight reel of stunning ceremonies.

When it comes to nailing your ceremony space, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account; guest numbers, accessibility, worst-case weather scenario or backup plan and the overall look of a desired space or environment. Once you have these sorted, you can narrow your focus on the following considerations;


Don’t forget the sun, hun!  – What makes the most sense for your background and lighting at the time of your ceremony? Remember that daylight savings can play a role in this! You want your guests and photographer to have the best view possible with no obstructions or glaring sunlight.


Chair flair  – How will your guests be seated?  Individual seats on mass? Bench seating? Or standing only? Remember to consider the availability of seating at your venue, or potential costs and logistics associated with hiring seating.


Get in formation – There are many ways to layout your ceremony set-up such traditional squared with two sides of seating,  semi-circle, angled V seating formation? Try to allow enough space throughout you set up for photographers and videographers to move freely to get the best shots.


Look ‘n’ feel – It’s important to embrace the environment your ceremony is being held in and style it in a way to compliments this environment.  Don’t try and try to make it something it’s not. Choose colours that will also tie in or carry through to your reception styling for continuity.


Sexy structures – Of course, all eyes will be laid on you and your love. However,  if your ceremony space isn’t backed by a beautiful view or scene,  structures such as an arbour, floral columns or installations can create a beautiful focal point for your ceremony, and add a bit of extra wow-factor. Be mindful to hide or disguise any unsightly stands, props or sandbags that ensure your set up is sound and will withstand outdoor weather conditions or any accidental bumps or nocks.


Nail the scale – Keep in mind the scale of your ceremony elements. An eight-foot, floral covered arbour may sound luxurious in theory, but you don’t want it overshadowing you in your wedding happy snaps.


Beautifully balanced – Whether you have a large bridal party or it’s just you and your love, make sure you’re aware of the space in which you will all take up including your train (if you have one). Ensure you’re as centred as you can be when you find yourself at the end of the aisle. If you’re pedantic about fitting perfectly within your backdrop you can always word up your photographer and get them to give you a wink or slight signal to move left or right once you’re set and ready, so you know you’re in the perfect spot.


Flower power –  Florals are a great way to add to incorporate your wedding day palette into your ceremony. If you’re getting hitched in a gorgeous garden, you may not need much in the way of floral arrangements. If you’re saying “I Do” in a chic, industrial space, some fab florals might be all you need to soften the look. Keep in mind that flowers and foliage (especially less hardy types) don’t fair very well in harsh hot sun and out of water for long. Perhaps consider hardier options that can deal better with heat or have the arrangements made offsite and kept in cool-rooms before being attached or installed closer to your ceremony start time to avoid wilting.


Gimme a lil’ sign – Signage isn’t just a fun styling element, it’s also practical in getting your guests where they need to be, the ceremony format and articulating messages such as photo etiquette.


Safety first – We hate to be the fun police, but there is an element of risk assessment that comes with planning the perfect ceremony. Be sure to consider how important elements such as PA systems, structures and slippery surfaces will fair in potentially wild weather situations.


Creature comforts – Consider creature comforts such as sunscreen, repellant, blankets, water, fans, shade and umbrellas. These will keep your guests comfortable, and allow them to enjoy the magical moments to follow.


1. Lauren and Brook opted for a jazzed up jetty for their elopement at Tanglewood Estate. You can see more of their quaint day here.

Flowers/Styling by Poppy Culture and Photo by Dan Brannan



2. Chloe and Daniel posed perfectly between a pair of floral pillars at their Yarra Valley wedding. You can see more of their Coldstream chapel ceremony here.

Flowers/Styling by Poppy Culture and Photo by Chloe May Photo



3. Jessica and Thomas saw a perfect ring of pampas as their simple yet effective boho backdrop.

Photo by I Got You Babe



4. Madison and Brandon opted for an angular arbour at their beautiful Bellarine bash. You can see more of their Jack Rabbit Winery wedding here.

Flowers/Styling by Thistle Flower Studio and Photo by Tahnee Jade Photography



5.  Brie and Cristian’s Churchill ceremony saw the surrounds set the scene. You can see more of this classic country celebration here.

Flowers/Styling by Prunella and Photo by Katie Harmsworth



6. Mancy and Adrian’s swanky St.Kilda set up was magnificently minimal letting the interior do all the work. You can see more of this gorgeous George Ballroom wedding here.

Photo by Alex Motta



7. Sari and Mark’s bayside bliss included a modern twist on the classic urn using acrylic stands with full and fluffy florals for impact. See more of their sublime Sorrento soiree here.

Flowers by Badlands & Co and Photo by Katie Harmsworth



8. Aha-thy and Michael’s breathtaking Bali ceremony was sitting pretty with this sweet circle work. See more of this dream destination day here.

Flowers by Sandat Floral and Photo by Katie Harmsworth



10. Michelle and Ryan’s indoor urban set up saw an understated yet luxe native touch. See more of their chic city celebration here.

Flowers by Babylon Flowers and Photo by Alex Motta



11. Rosie and Sam’s Pennyroyal perfection embraced the natural surrounds. See more of this bush beauty here.

Flowers/Styling by Belco Events and Photo by Tess Follett



12. Bianca and Joel’s beautiful barn setting saw the existing structure dressed with twin rustic arrangements. See more of this Warrandyte wedding here.

Flowers by Poppy’s Getting Married and Photo by Georgia Verrells


Need more ceremony inspiration and insight? Be sure to check out our blog post on ways to make a ceremony entrance and ensure it’s a real party starter here.

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