Treviso – A romantic Italian styled shoot
Treviso – A romantic Italian styled shoot

Treviso – A romantic Italian styled shoot


Ancient Italian architecture, with dramatic archways that stand proudly on the romantic crumbling walls, and an incomplete cupola – this styled shoot is a visual study about the fondness for old graceful manners, feminine beauty and effortlessly sophisticated modern elegance weaved together in harmony.

The incredible backdrop to this shoot was Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio near Treviso, an absolute visual feast. Combined with an abundant floral display from Mary Poppies Floral Studio, draping linen cloth, crystal glassware, silver cutlery and ceramic plates, a balanced orchestra devised by art director Lisa Giolo Italianluxevents brought this dreamy European display to life. The colour palette is delicate, soft, and cohesive to the surrounds, the design is a direct expression of poetic grace through its visual impact.

To complement and complete the mood, free-flowing and romantic gowns designed by Sposa D’Este accompanied the gracious movements of real couple Martina and Alessandro.

When documented by Anna Visintin, magic moments were harnessed through her artistic and attentive eye, capturing the true essence of a fleeting instant. Alongside filmmakers Moon and Back,  the palpable emotions of the shoot have been documented to perfection.

Lisa Giolo Italianluxevents is renowned for creating events, spaces and shoots that are moody, refined, modern and wildly romantic. Coupled with her local connections, industry expertise, and on-the-ground experience – if you’re on the hunt for someone to bring a one-off experience to your next event, Lisa can provide her clients with vendors, venues, and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

A resurgence of lively romance and sophistication, this shoot is drenched in romance, inspiration and art, and you can see how it all unfolded here.








Venue: Abbazia Sant’Eustachio

Planning and styling: Lisa Giolo of @lisagioloitalianluxevents

Floral design: Mary Poppies Floral Studio

Photography: Anna Visintin Photographer

Film: Moon & Back Co

Fashion: Sposa D’este and Uomo D’Este

Models: Martina and Alexandru

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