Wedding day hacks and tips
Wedding day hacks and tips
Wedding day hacks and tips
Wedding day hacks and tips

Wedding day hacks and tips

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Imagining how your wedding day will unfold can be difficult, and no amount of planning can ever quite prepare you for the day itself. The emotion, adrenaline and excitement all wrapped into one is electric, but there are some tried and tested tips and tricks for ensuring your wedding day experience is the best it can be.

From the little things, like remembering to stay hydrated, to ensuring you have your watertight run sheet at the ready – so many seemingly minor elements of your day combine to make it a great one.

If you’re looking for some on-the-day advice, here are some hacks you might find helpful, offered by those who have been down the path before!



  • Start your day with a nutritious meal (now is not the time to go hungry).


  • Practice mindfulness if you can. Five minutes of meditation, yoga or a quick walk in the morning can go a long way in keeping you cool, calm and collected throughout the day.


  • Let go of all expectations, the day is now in motion and what will be, will be. You have spent too much time (and money!) planning for the worry to override the joy.


  • Have a designated person (this could be a family member/friend or member of your wedding party) be your on-the-day point of contact. Give their number to your vendors and they can be there if anything arises. Ensuring this person is armed with your wedding day wishes and expectations will go a long way to keeping you at ease.


  • Hand your phone over to a member of your wedding so you don’t spend your day engrossed in notifications and photo taking. Even better, ask them to take happy snaps as you get ready and as the day unfolds. These small moments will tide you over post-wedding as you eagerly await your professional photos.


  • Accept that not everything will go to plan, and that’s okay. Every wedding will encounter small hiccups – life is not perfect. What matters is how you embrace or manage them.


  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready – run sheets can be tiresome to complete, but endlessly helpful! By knowing who needs to be where and that you aren’t rushing the process, the calm will follow.


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  • Trust your team. You’ve hired a dream team around you for a reason, allow them to shine and do their thing.


  • For those wearing a strapless gown, consider not wearing a bra in the morning so you’re not dealing with possible strap marks/fake tan situations later on.


  • Pack your clutch or handbag with Panadol, tissues and bandaids in case you need them.


  • Don’t forget to put on your accessories! We’re talking earrings, cufflinks, or jewellery. They can be easily overlooked.


  • Rough up the bottom of your shoes to avoid slipping on surfaces.


  • Wear a button-up shirt when having your makeup and hair done for an easier transition into your outfit.


  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even better, ask someone to remind you of this throughout the celebrations.


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  • Ensure you eat lunch and keep your stomach full.


  • For those wearing heels, packs a pair of flats for comfort later in the evening if you need.


  • Ask your makeup artist to put together a little container of your lipstick for touch ups later on.


  • Prepare an emergency kit – think safety pins, small sewing kit, snacks, water, medicinal needs, deodorant etc.


  • Organise a vase in the room where you will stay that evening so you can place your bouquet in it once the party is over.


  • Slow down, and remember to take it all in – breath in, breathe out.


  • Try to be on-time to your ceremony, otherwise the rest of the run-sheet is thrown out. Being ‘fashionably late’ is an old cliche that you don’t need to buy into. You can designate a member of your wedding party to keep your run sheet on track.


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  • Don’t forget your bouquet!


  • As you begin to make your way down the aisle, pause for a moment and look at your partner for a few seconds and take the moment in.


  • Make sure to get photos with your family members – they become treasured moments in time.


  • Have a list of all the people/groups you would like photos with (and the various combinations within those groups) and have a person to help rally the troops for your photographer to make it a quick and seamless process.


  • Allocate a time on the day where you will do the rounds of all your wedding guests and say a quick hello. Generally the perfect time is right after you’ve eaten and while your guests are still eating. Alternatively, let your guests come to you.


  • Make sure you eat dinner! After all, you’ve set the menu and it’s important you enjoy it.


  • Remember to take some alone time with your partner and enjoy each other’s company as you revel in the fact you’re now married.


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  • Don’t drink too much alcohol, you want to remember this moment in time.


  • Dance like you’ve never danced before.


  • Ensure someone saves you a piece of your wedding cake.


  • Designate someone to keep your marriage certificate safe.


  • Arrange for someone to collect your wedding gifts/wishing well and pop them somewhere safe.


  • Remember why you’re there. Oh, what a feeling.



Keeping track of your wedding plans can at times feel overwhelming, but that’s why we are here to help. Our range of downloadable wedding tools (including a free wedding planning master document) and our very own wedding planner is all available to you here




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