Your wedding stationery – where do you begin? From “Save the dates” to RSVPs, thank-you cards and the invitations themselves – as with everything in the ever-evolving world of weddings, we’re seeing some huge shifts in the way couples are choosing to send their sweet messages of love, and whether it’s in the finish or the finesse of your wording – there are some great ways to ensure your stationery takes on a brand of it’s own.
Luckily, we’re blessed with the best when it comes to stellar stationers, so we’ve enlisted the help of our favourites to gather and share some of the categories latest trends and forecasts to share with you.
With your stationery design, colour, finish and environmental impact all forming to bringing together an important element of your wedding journey, sit back and enjoy the read from some of the best in the ‘biz.

Stationery by Evergreen Ink

– A warm, neutral palette
– Terracotta/earthy tones
– Gorgeous greens
The general consensus in stationery trends is that brown is the new black! As Emily of State of Reverie shares, a warm, neutral palette is reigning supreme at the moment, though she adds, “we are starting to see more blues given the Pantone colour of the year for 2020.”
Similarly, Jojo of Rebel Reflect adds that terracotta and peach, along with some almond, stone and sage/green/white combinations are all proving to be popular. “Still quite warm colours, but also light and sunny,” Jojo explains, “that little bit of colour as opposed to just white.”
We are loving this shift in tonal selections and Annette of Confetti Edition by Danger and Moon agreed, adding that the green family is fast emerging as a crowd favourite, (think olive green, soft sage and deep forrest). Greens along with dusty pink and terracotta, it appears we are all going ga-ga for an earthy palette all ’round.

Stationery by Danger & Moon – Photo by Monika Berry


Some distinct trends emerged when we turned to texture; blind embossing and textural paper stock.

“People still love the classic whites but with that bit of difference,” says Jojo. Who has seen blind embossing take charge in her upcoming clients’ decision-making.

Annette too has seen a rise in press printing – from cotton to linen finishes, she is seeing a rise in uptake of tactical card stocks and gorgeous linen papers.

“People are opting for beautiful papers which are sourced from recycled materials, such as cotton paper – while made from textile factory waste, it is in fact the most luscious and soft fluffy paper you can get!” explains Emily.

Stationery by Sugared Fig Paperie


This one shouldn’t be a trend, but a way of life, and being conscious of Mother Earth in your wedding planning is high on the 2020 agenda.
“As we all become more aware of our environmental impact, I am seeing a lot of couples choosing sustainable options for their wedding stationery,” says Emily, “opting for wedding websites and eInvites or eSave The Dates, which we love and can tie-in with any printed stationery options to give couples a cohesive set both on and offline.”
An extension of this of course, is the selection of eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable stock to minimise environmental impact.
While it is of course still in circulation, we do see that many savvy brides and grooms are moving away from acrylic pieces of work that use virgin plastic and are unable to be recycled through our local councils. If you’re unsure about the environmental impact of your product, be sure to ask your supplier

Stationery by Paula Lee Calligraphy

Copy is king, and with the rising popularity of couples taking the opportunity to connect with their guests through their clever design and use of language, we’re seeing some great stationery wording emerge.
“We are seeing less formal and more fun/party wording come through,” says Annette. “Song lyrics, meaningful moments or ‘in jokes’ the couple share.” Annette rightly considers this opportunity to convey special thoughts and messages to your guests from the beginning to the end of your wedding journey a wise move: “After all, this is the most expensive party they’ll ever throw!”.
Similarly, Emily too has seen copy swing from formal and somewhat template in nature, to less traditional and more personalised. “People are thinking of creative copy for their signage to make it more of a party atmosphere.”

Stationery by State Of Reverie

It looks like things are becoming sleek and chic when it comes to stationery and Emily has seen this in her client requests. “Designs are moving more and more towards minimalist. Illustrations are changing from full-colour, detailed drawings to simple line drawings. Typography is kept clean and minimal with an appreciation for lots of empty space.”
Similarly Annette has seen a distinct shift. She says clients “are moving away from florals and foliage” and instead opting for a modern and contemporary feel. Noticing Serif-type and thin hand-drawn/signature looking script fonts in use too.
The shape of stationery also seems to be coming into play. As Jojo explained to us, “there’s a massive arch movement at the moment, along with round place cards too”. Annette also noticed that when it comes to design that arches seem to be on trend along with angled cuts, hexagons etc.

Stationery By Rebel Reflect

Now that you’re armed with all the latest info, see more from our favourite stationers by visiting our directory here


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