Chances are, many gorgeous and grand events you see playing out on Instagram have some incredible talent working behind the scenes to make it all a success. Even more likely, is that the incredible team at Giannarelli are steering that ship.


Internationally-renowned for making magic happen on the events stage, from planning to styling, trend forecasts and so much more – Priscilla and Chantel are a force to be reckoned with.


The dream duo, who has a team in Melbourne and further abroad in Florence, Italy, are masters in destination weddings and will bring your dream day to life.
We sat down with them to get the nitty gritty on their impressive CV, and some red hot event trends to keep an eye out for, check it out here.


Priscilla and Chantel, you are the talented directors behind Giannarelli, an International Events and Communications agency. We’d love to know how your passion for events started?

Ever since we were little we have always had a passion for design which we have to attribute to our mother! She is an Interior Designer and we grew up always seeing things through a design eye. Our love for events has always been there and we both have always had a dream to open an events company.



You studied events and began your agency in Florence, Italy. How did this come about and tell us about your experiences studying and then working in events in Italy?


Priscilla began her Masters first in Florence, studying a Masters in Luxury & Lifestyle Management, and after, I (Chantel), followed and studied a Masters in Fashion Trend Forecasting. We chose these courses because they were super different and unique to what you can usually study in Australia, and would enhance our events in a completely unique way.


Priscilla then started working for the luxury shoe brand Aquazzura. She brought me in when I was only supposed to stay for three months and collectively we ended up staying and working in Florence for five years.


As a team we went on to manage all of the Global Events for Aquazzura, doing events for them worldwide and learning from the most amazing creative geniuses, the owners of Aquazzura. (One of them actually said to us “One day you two will be Wedding Planners”!.) The experience we had there was invaluable, inspiring and shaped us in every way to be the way that we are in the industry today.
After these years working at Aquazzura, we decided to open up our own company and base ourselves between Melbourne and Florence to keep up the international essence of our company but also have the flexibility to go home to Melbourne more often.


Aquazzura became our first client and from that, we continued on working with more luxury brands and private clients, however will never forget this exceptional moment in our lives.



Tell us exactly what services Giannarelli can offer a bride/groom to be?


As a creative agency, we can offer everything in Design and Communication. For a bride/groom to-be, we offer a few different angles. We can do absolutely everything from A-Z which is our complete Full Event Management Service or, we can offer our Styling Service which can range from styling the space or just styling the table-scape if the bride/groom is already planning their own wedding.


You now work between Florence and Melbourne, does this mean that only brides and grooms based in these cities can you engage your services?


Not at all! We have done events all around the world and can travel anywhere your heart desires! We chose Melbourne and Florence to base ourselves out of as they are the most central places that we find we get the most requests for. For Destination Weddings, Florence is literally 1-2 hours from most of the amazing places in Europe and Melbourne is where we live now most of the year.


Our Giannarelli International team in Europe are literally clones of us! So if we can’t travel for the event, they oversee and manage everything under our direction.


Looking at your work, we are blown away by the luxurious events you have co-ordinated and styled, where does your inspiration come from?


I think we really see things differently, and because we lived overseas for 5 years our aesthetic was influenced in a different way. Also, beginning with a luxury brand really shaped us, everything needs to be cool, different and chic, and if its been done the concept needs to be changed in an instant! We are used to working under intense pressure and working fast. Our aesthetic is different however will of course always adhere to the clients brief.


We can really adapt to any style however always love to add a touch of luxury and an a cool edge. We think if you’re going to have a Wedding/ Event, make it “WOW”! Don’t make it something you just saw on Instagram and want to replicate. This is super important for us, you will never see an event of ours done twice. Every concept is custom to the client and new every time.


What can brides/grooms expect from the wedding planning process when they work with you?


Through the planning process, brides and/or grooms can expect a team that is down to earth, happy and accommodating to your needs. We are very honest and realistic and just want the absolute best outcome for our clients which is why we will always go above and beyond to make their dreams and wishes come true. Our team also basically never sleeps as we work on time zones worldwide so some 2am emails could be included!! Haha



What are your top three styling tips for a wedding day?


Ok so first, the table settings are imperative. Guests are sitting down at the tables for most of the evening, they need to be on point! This is a must for us. We are all about the detail and we think of every little element to make the details count as we truly believe guests do notice these little touches which only enhance their experience for the evening. This including; spectacular cutlery, crockery, beautiful glassware, bespoke place cards and so on… all of these details make a place setting stand out!


Secondly, lighting is so important. Everything about the event can be amazing but if the lighting is not on point it’s just such a waste!


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!! We are obsessed with amazing flowers and if you’re going to spend budget somewhere to make the event “WOW”, flowers are the place to do it. They can seriously make or break and event.


For couples looking to plan a destination wedding – what are your top tips for ensuring a seamless experience?


For destination weddings, there are really so many more elements to consider rather than doing something locally. We believe it’s so important to have someone who really understands the culture of the destination. Hence why our Giannarelli International Team are based in Europe and can speak many languages, ensuring they can communicate with the local vendors and our overseas clients. I think people really underestimate a destination wedding and how important it is to have a team who have a vast amount of experience doing them.


If a bride or groom has a dream overseas location in mind for their wedding – can you assist with logistics, booking other suppliers and navigating the language barriers?


Of course! Other than the event styling and planning, this is our forte! Our full event styling and planning service means managing every detail from A-Z and ensuring absolutely everything is covered on the ground.



Where are your personal favourite dream wedding locations or venues?


We are biased but we loveeeee Florence! Many people use it as a passing-through city but honestly, Florence is one of the most magical and romantic cities in the world. The venues are incredible there. They have so many stunning palaces, and castles and Tuscan villas that are just perfect wedding venues. We also love Rome, and Venice, both so unique and special for destination weddings.


What top trends do you see emerging for the current season/s, or what would you like to see more of?


Top trends we see emerging would be more personal elements for guests. This being individual touches or details for each guest that they can take away. This is always something that we try to do differently other than the traditional bonboniere. For destination weddings especially we’ve done custom pyjamas, slippers, hand-painted maps of the city, there are so many ways to expand on this and we see this emerging as not many people spend the time to get super creative with all these extra details!



We know by now you’ll be incredibly inspired! There truly is nothing this team can’t do. See more of what Giannarrelli has to offer by visiting their bio here.

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