What’s Cooking – 2019 Cake Trends
What’s Cooking – 2019 Cake Trends
What’s Cooking – 2019 Cake Trends

What’s Cooking – 2019 Cake Trends

With the ever-evolving world of social media, we are especially lucky to be treated to an array of baked bliss and sweet inspiration, allowing our imaginations to run wild when it comes to selecting the pièce de résistance of a wedding or event.

When it comes to making a choice about size, type, flavour and style, the options are aplenty, and just as with florals and fashion, cake trends are evolving with each turn of the season.
Luckily, we have a team of totally terrific bake bosses to help you out.
Have a read for their top tips on what’s hot, (or iced), and how to bring your cake dreams to life.


Cake by Cherry Cakes



“I love that the fashion for cakes at the moment is moving away from more traditional cakes, says Cherry of Cherry Cakes. “Couples are more adventurous and happy to work with bold colours and patterns. Edible printed cakes are a trend I’m very in love with at the moment too! Its a great way to really personalise a cake with a unique design.

I think couples are also becoming more conscious consumers in that there is a big move to more sustainable cakes. Customers want to work with bakers who source their food locally and use quality ingredients.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong when it comes to picking your cake. At the end of the day it has to be what you like and enjoy. If you want to go extravagant, then go extravagant! If you want to go simple, thats great too! Just pick whatever feels best to you, after all its your day!”


Cake By Creative Hunger



According to Madie Gostin of Mad About Cakes, dessert tables are so hot right now! “They are a great way to incorporate a feature cake along with a tonne of variety, textures and flavours from various desserts. The entire display can be styled to suit any theme or event – even down to the finishing touches on the desserts!,” Madie shares.

Desserts by Mad About Cakes


And when it comes to picking your perfect piece of pie, so to speak? Madie tells us that her best advice is to always listen to your gut.

“Whatever speaks to you initially and captures your eye should be what you go with! Don’t ever think about what you should be having – think about what you want!”.
It’s easy to see why these bakers are inundated for cake making requests that will leave your guests salivating.


Cake by Mad About Cakes


Cake By JY Cake Designs


Finally, here are our some of our Ivory Tribe top tips when it comes to choosing your wedding cake.


The best bakers will honestly be booked months and months in advance. Don’t miss out and as soon as you secure your venue, lock your talented cake temptress in!

Cake By Indiana Putra



Sure the images look great on a baker’s social media, but what about the taste? Be sure to check online testimonials and reviews to ensure that you’re getting something that not only looks good but packs a punch when it comes to taste too.


Cake by Mad About Cakes



Cake By Regnier Cakes


Remember to factor the cost of your cake into your budget. How much do you set aside? How long is a piece of string? It’s important to remember your wedding cake it likely to be the most expensive sweet treat you will ever purchase – but you’re paying for a baker’s time, expertise, creativity and love.

Cake by Cherry Cakes


Cake By Miss Ladybird Cakes


Finalise your guest list numbers before deciding on what size cake to order. No point ordering a cake that serves 100 guests if your final tally ends up being 200 guests, or vice versa.


Cake By Kiss My Cakes


Consider the weather or where your cake will be displayed and the climate it will be in? Hot conditions won’t suit whipped cream or butter cream, so ensure your style of cake will suit the temperatures it might face.


Cake By Kate Alissa


Discuss the delivery of your cake. While you think you might be saving money by picking it up yourself, consider the nightmare transporting a 2 or 3 tier cake could potentially be. Your baker will know the best options, so discuss it early and factor this part in.


Cake – Cherry Cakes


A traditional tower of temptation not necessarily your cup of tea? No worries! Why not consider a ‘cheese cake’ of the modern variety? Stacked and styled cheese wheels are a beautiful alternative to the standard wedding dessert. Affording you the option of selecting your favourite delicious fromage – from brie, to camembert or even vintage cheddar – these chic savoury selections are beautiful adorned with fresh fruits and florals for extra wow-factor.

Cheese by Calendar Cheese

Be sure to serve at room temp and avoid the heat – after all you don’t want a melting mess on your hands. If you’re lucky you can also savour the savoury sensations well into the following day’s afterparty celebrations should any be left over.

Cheese By Coldstream Dairy

Still stuck? Consider the seasons hottest floral (hint: we have a blog post on that too, see here), and utilise those blooming babies to tie your cake into your overall styling.

Cake By Butter Baking

So now that you’ve got your sweet treats covered, how about taking a minute to sort your bloom business? Check out our floral trends and tips piece here.



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