Most Gorgeous Grins of 2019

Most Gorgeous Grins of 2019




We trawl through many a wedding day here at Ivory Tribe headquarters and nothing makes our hearts happier than seeing the captures of a beaming bride.

So many priceless moments take place on a wedding day.  Gorgeous grins are aplenty from a bride when they prepare for the day with their besties, make their way down the aisle to their happily ever after, or are wrapped in love by their family and friends before hitting the dance floor all night long!

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite smiling stunners so you could see their happy faces and check out why their day was an absolute dream come true!


Photo – Georgia Verrells / Real Wedding – Sarah & James


Photo – Ali Bailey / Real Wedding – Christina & Wil


Photo – Stefani Driscoll / Real Wedding – Tania & Leigh


Photo – Jeremy Blode / Real Wedding – Aaron & Elly


Photo – Ali Bailey / Real Wedding – Lou Lou and Angus


Photo – Katie Harmsworth / Real Wedding – Sari & Mark


Photo – Dan Brannan / Real Wedding – Rachel & Todd



Photo – Jeremy Blode / Real Wedding – Georgia & Jason

Photo – Alex Motta / Real Wedding – Gabi & Mitch


Photo – Rick Liston / Real Wedding – Janelle & Joel


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